Pub Snacks

Pub SnacksHancocks is a very useful supplier for wholesale pub snacks in addition to a massive selection of wholesale confectionery. With the ability to buy online or visit one of our cash and carries, you can buy your supplies in a way to suit your business. Whilst Hancocks is the leading confectionery wholesaler in the UK, known for it's 5,000 strong range of branded and own label confectionery, Hancocks can also offer you products such as pub snacks in addition to wholesale crisps and soft drinks. Some of our pub snacks are available to buy online, whilst our biggest range will always been found in our cash and carries across the UK. Wholesale pub snacks available to buy online include: Mr Porky Pork Scratchings KP Salted Peanuts Golden Wonder Bacon Bites Of course many pubs might wish to increase the cash spend of their customers with a wider selection of snacks, perhaps crisps and even confectionery? A trip to one of our cash and carries or time spent browsing our website would be time very well spent. If you have any queries or would like some advice on what to stock, whether concerning wholesale pub snacks or our range of products in general, please just ask and we'll be happy to help you.

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