Retro Sweets Wholesale

Retro Sweets Wholesale Throughout the confectionery market, retailers are looking to take advantage of the current trend for retro sweets which is gripping the UK. If you’re looking for retro sweets, wholesale quantities are available from Hancocks, the UK’s favourite confectionery wholesaler. Hancocks have 50 years’ experience in supplying sweets, chocolates and more to all types of businesses, including sweet shops, traders, retailers and event planners. We’ve got cash and carry stores located across the UK, as well as a huge selection of online wholesale confectionery. If you’re looking for a reliable supplier of retro sweets, wholesale buying from Hancocks will make sure you can take advantage of the profitable opportunity that this type of confectionery offers.   Retro sweets are being embraced across a range of customer profiles, from adults who remember them from their childhood to younger customers who are being introduced to the timeless flavours for the first time. Hancocks has a huge range of wholesale retro sweets. To name just a few of our popular options, we stock: Flying Saucers Bons Bons Candy Necklaces Pontefract Cakes Humbugs Retailers can take advantage of selling retro sweets in a variety of ways, whether you’re a traditional sweet shop or if you’re looking to fill a pick and mix display with some all-time favourites. Hancocks has a range of retro sweet jars which can be used to display your sweets, creating an eye catching display that is sure to draw in the customers. Or, you could create a pick and mix stand with a variety of retro confectionery products; this display method has been proven to give retailers excellent returns, with margins of up to 70%. Whilst retro sweets will complement any sort of confectionery display, retailers can also make a feature of their unique look and taste by creating bespoke gifts through packaging up a selection of retro sweets – perhaps in Hancocks’ small Victorian sweet jars? This packaging will add a nostalgic touch to any retail space, giving customers the opportunity to buy some unique gifts. Retro sweets present a range of opportunities to UK confectionery retailers. However you choose to take advantage of these popular sweets, Hancocks can help. With a huge range of stock, quick delivery for online orders and competitive prices, we’ve got all the right ingredients to help your business grow through increased confectionery sales. 

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