Ribbons, Bows & Bags

Ribbons, Bows & BagsMany of our customers pack up smaller amounts of bulk pick and mix sweets for re-sale and these bags, ribbons and bows will prove excellent to enhance the presentation of the finished product. Whether you're looking to bag up sweet assortments as small pick-up bags in your store, developing a range of gifting bags to sell or perhaps fulfilling an order for wedding favour gifts or other giveaways at events, these ribbons, bows and bags will be great additions for you to use. Cone bags are popular these days and you might choose to fill them with a themed selection - perhaps a summer theme or a spooky Halloween mix of sweets. Block bottom bags are great because they are easy to merchandise and look great on shelf. We're offering you these sorts of bags plus attractive finishing materials such as ribbons and ready tied bows to make your own creations look as good as they can be. In addition to these ribbons, bows and bags, we stock a full range of empty sweet jars, both large and small, and a more expansive range of wholesale packaging. Whilst big jars are great to help with your retail display, smaller sizes are ideal to pack with sweets and create a unique gifting product. The creative options are endless with these sorts of containers and the great news is that they can become added value, high margin products. So Hancocks not only wholesales a massive array of pick and mix sweets and chocolates to help your business. It also stocks an increasingly wide range of bags, ribbons, bows and empty sweet jars, enabling you to create attractive and unique confectionery products that will stand your business apart from the rest.

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