Rola Cola Wholesale

Rola Cola Wholesale Cola is clearly a key flavour to include in your wholesale drinks range. Opting for a value bottle such as Rola Cola, to sit alongside branded varieties will ensure that you are reaching as many shopper profiles as possible. Wholesale Rola Cola is available in 500ml bottles for a remarkably low price! This allows you to secure a decent margin whilst also offering a lower priced drink to gain volume sales. The best way to maximise your sales of wholesale drinks is to offer a wide range in a chilled display. Stocking a variety of drinks to suit all tastes and price points is important too. Whilst some will prefer to stick to a known brand, others will prefer a lower priced taste that is equally thirst quenching. Rola Cola can be an important addition to your wholesale drinks range and is available to buy from Hancocks, either online or from our many cash and carries. If you retail confectionery, stocking wholesale drinks can be a useful addition to your range, ensuring that you maximise the cash taken from every customer - many will want to choose a drink to accompany a sweet treat. Hancocks has been wholesaling confectionery and related items since 1962. Committed to this market, there are more than 5,000 branded and own label products on offer in the cash and carries with a massive range now available to buy online and have delivered to your business.

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