Share Bag

Share BagKingsway Share Bags offer you a competitive range of popular confectionery that your customers will love. Coupled with our Share Bag display stand, this range of bagged sweets has demonstrated strong sales and it is extremely popular with all types of retailer. Our Share Bags are not only an easy and convenient way for you to include a greater range of confectionery in your product range, but they also look attractive and cater for the ‘nostalgic’ sweet trend currently sweeping the high street. Many of our varieties not only appeal to younger customers but also to adults, who may be looking for something more sophisticated than standard pick and mix.  Our range of Share Bag sweets include: Dolly Mixture Jelly Babies Jelly Beans Chocolate Raisins Fruit Jellies Liquorice Cream Rock If you want to get the most out of our Share Bag sweets then it could be worth investing in our bespoke Share Bag display stand; this will allow you to optimally display a range of sweet varieties while taking up minimum space on your shop floor and maximising sales. However, many of our Share Bags are free-standing and look great on the shelf, encouraging customers to buy both for gifts and for general consumption. Hancocks is the UK’s favourite sweet wholesaler, giving retailers everything they need to increase their confectionery sales. This not only includes a great range of popular pick and mix sweets and chocolates, but also a selection of pre-bagged sweets such as our Share Bags. We can also provide your business with display options to make sure you’re getting the most out of your retail space. With nationwide cash and carry stores and a large online retail catalogue, we’re the place to come for all your confectionery needs. If you’re looking for a new way to attract those all-important impulse buys, then a well-placed display of Share Bag sweets could be a great addition to your confectionery range.

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