Share Bag Stand

Share Bag StandBagged sweets provide a fantastic opportunity to boost your confectionery profits, as this sector of the UK confectionery market continues to demonstrate impressive growth. The Hancocks Share Bag stand provides a no nonsense answer to embracing this profit opportunity.  It’s quite easy to work out what the Share Bag range of sweets is all about! Classic and popular sweets are presented in most attractive bags ready to share with friends and family at home or on the move. Priced with value in mind, the recommended selling price for Share Bag is £1 a bag. The comprehensive and high selling range includes both nostalgic and contemporary favourites, ensuring that there is something for everyone.  Hancocks has developed a confectionery stand to help you make the most of our Share Bag range of bagged sweets. Designed to fit in the smallest of spaces, all sizes of store can benefit from the enhanced presentation that this stand provides, allowing you to maximise your confectionery sales.  Sold as a package, you receive 18 cases of Share Bag sweets in addition to the stand. This in effect gives you the stand for free, which usually costs £49.99 and so is affordable for even the smallest UK confectionery businesses.  Hancocks sells a number of creative and quite different confectionery stands to help you create a professional and fun packed display in your store. If you like the Share Bag stand you might find the 3 for 99p stand of interest if you sell a lot of children’s sweets.  A specialist in UK confectionery, Hancocks leads the wholesale of sweets and chocolates with many confectionery cash and carries across the UK in addition to an online wholesale sweets shop. Retailers can benefit from the decades of knowledge and experience that Hancocks has, helping them to grow their confectionery business. 

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