Slush Syrup

Slush SyrupSelling drinks from slush machines is becoming an increasingly popular trend in various retail stores and all of those machines need a constant supply of slush syrup. At Hancocks, we sell a range of different flavoured syrups in addition to the slush machines themselves (available in all depots). Youngsters are the primary target for slush drinks but don't discount the loyal grown up following! Our customers are seeing year round sales whilst there is clearly a high peak over the summer months. Our slush syrups come in five litre cartons and will create more than 100 drinks, depending on the size of drink. Blue Raspberry is the most popular flavour with Strawberry running a close second. We sell a twin and a triple slush machine from our depots. With the twin machine offering two flavours, many kids love to mix two up to create something entirely unique. In addition to slush syrup, we stock a selection of ice poles and pops which are also ideal for the summer season. Slush Puppie Ice Poles are a great product, made with authentic Slush Puppie syrup. Whether you choose to buy in the depot or shop with us online, do let us know if you have any queries, whether about slush syrup or any of our extensive range of wholesale confectionery an drinks. We'll be happy to help.

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