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Snack SupplierIf you are looking for a reliable snack supplier, Hancocks would be a useful company to look at. Not only confectionery, we also stock carded snacks, crisps and even biscuits and soft drinks. Whilst our cash and carries will always offer you the biggest range, many thousands of products are available to buy online and have delivered direct to your business. Established in 1962, Hancocks is now known as the leading confectionery wholesaler in the UK, offering in excess of 5,000 different products. This range has naturally grown to include wholesale crisps and biscuits, available to buy in our cash & carries and soft drinks and carded snacks, available both in the cash and carries and online. As a leading snack supplier, we know that it can be very profitable to retail a range of snacks and it is important to cater for all tastes and pockets. That said, competitive pricing and frequent promotions will also help your bottom line and unlike many other snack suppliers, Hancocks is very focused on providing its customers with some great deals, month in month out. So when you are choosing your snack supplier, consider if they have a huge range to choose from, great pricing, a constant stream of promotions, online and cash & carry facilities and of course friendly and helpful business advice. At Hancocks, we believe that we have all of this and we'd love to become your snack supplier.

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