Soft Nougat

Soft NougatSoft Nougat is a popular confectionery choice for customers, offering both fruit and chocolate flavours for an exciting range of choices. Hancocks stocks a variety of Soft Nougat varieties, available in both trays and bags to cater for all tastes and display options. Whether you want to offer nougat as an extension to your confectionery range or to cater for the gift market, Hancocks can help. We have over fifty years’ experience in catering for the UK confectionery market, helping retailers of all sizes enhance their sales through our exciting range of sweets and chocolate as well as innovative display options and all those essential accessories. Our range of Soft Nougat is just one of our key product groups, which include everything from Haribo to retro sweets, Pick and Mix to American Candy. You can find a great selection of our most popular products online, or else browse our full range of over 5,000 confectionery varieties in our nationwide cash and carry stores. Soft Nougat is often associated with nostalgic trips to the seaside or fairground, but also has a strong association with the festive season. While traditional varieties in Britain are most often coloured pink and white, with almonds, cherries or peanuts, Hancocks offers a wider range of flavours. These appeal to customers both young and old. Our range includes: Caramel Nougat Rum and Raisin Nougat Strawberry Nougat Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Nougat Our selection of milk and dark chocolate coated nougat adds a twist on traditional flavours and makes more unusual combinations into something really special. Our nougat is available in bite sized pieces to appeal to the widest range of customers possible, allowing you to place the bags next to Pick and Mix style sweets as well as other bagged varieties. Many of our Soft Nougat flavours are available in Share Bag sizes, helping you to cater for yet another key trend in the confectionery market. Hancocks offers a huge range of sweets and chocolates so you can make the most of your product range, boosting sales and fulfilling customer needs. Our brightly coloured range of Soft Nougat not only tastes great but will be sure to stimulate sales through offering something different, convenient and a bit nostalgic – all things that customers are looking for.

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