Sugar Free Sweets

Sugar Free SweetsThe UK market for sugar free sweets is growing. As a specialist in wholesale confectionery, Hancocks offers sweet shops and businesses a range of bulk sugar free sweets either to sell from sweet jars or packed into bags ready for sale. This is a great opportunity for all types of confectionery retailer.  An increase in health awareness and the rising number of people with diabetes in the UK is driving the market for sugar free sweets. This confectionery trend is set to grow and so offering your customers a selection of sugar free sweets within a range of confectionery will offer them more choice, encouraging them to come back to your shop. Selling sugar free sweets is also a great point of difference for many independent and specialist retailers and confectionery shops.  Hancocks offers a range of wholesale sugar free sweets to sell from sweets jars or pre packed into sharing bags including:  Sugar Free Chocolate Eclairs Sugar Free Fruit Drops Sugar Free Throat and Chest Sweets Sugar Free Assorted Toffees Sugar Free Mint Humbugs Sugar Free Sherbet Lemons  We package our range of bulk sugar free sweets in bright yellow colours so that they stand out as something different on the shelf. You might even choose to add some sugar free sweets to your pick and mix sweets stand but take care to label them correctly if you do.  Selling bulk sugar free sweets in jars gives you the perfect system to try a few jars with your customers to see if it is something that they like. If they do, simply extend the range and enjoy some strong sugar free sales.  You can buy Hancock’s range of wholesale sugar free sweets either from our confectionery cash and carries across the UK or online via our wholesale sweet shop at Our online shop is proving very popular with retailers and confectionery businesses that are beyond the reach of one of our cash and carries. We will deliver your sweet supplies direct to your business within 48 hours, wherever you are in the UK.  If however you are located close to a cash and carry, do please come and see us! We can show you in excess of 5,000 branded and own label confectionery products accompanied by a friendly service, competitive prices and ample help and advice. Hancocks Cash and Carry is an ideal place to buy all of your wholesale confectionery supplies. 

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