Vidal Giant Cables

Vidal Giant CablesSuch a delicious range of sweets when size really does matter! Exclusive to Hancocks, Vidal Giant Cables continue to be a massive hit with children of all ages. A highly profitable range for retailers, there's plenty of varieties to choose from too. Vidal Giant Cables are extremely long indeed. Flavours are varied, catering for every taste. They include: Apple Giant Cables Blackcurrant Giant Cables Fizzy Strawberry Giant Cables Sour Cola Giant Cables Giant Bubble Cables Giant Orange Cables Giant Strawberry Cables These wholesale sweets come in boxes of approximately 80 Cables and have an RRP of £1 a Cable. You can sell them straight from the box or choose our Crazy Cables display stand instead. Vidal Giant Cables are exclusive to Hancocks. You can purchase them in our confectionery cash and carries or online at Either way, you'll discover that they are a hit with your younger customers who will enjoy the sheer length of them in addition to the variety of flavours.

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