Wholesale Packaging

Wholesale PackagingIf you retail sweets, you'll need wholesale packaging to support your business. Hancocks can supply you with a wide assortment of packaging ideas including bags, jars, ribbons and bows. Presentation is extremely important in the confectionery industry; whether your own merchandising or the finished products. If you retail bulk sweets you might require a wholesale supply of jars to help with your display and some retail bags to pack the sweets into. Alternatively, you might wish to use wholesale packaging to create some bespoke packed products for your business. Hancocks can help. Here's a selection of the wholesale packaging that we can supply, both in our cash & carries and online: Retail sweet bags to accompany a pick and mix display Large empty sweet jars to help with your display Smaller jars tha can be packaged with smaller amounts of sweets in Clear bags for packaging Ribbons and bows to help with presentation Hancocks can also offer you a bespoke packing service if wholesale packaging is not something that you wish to pursue yourself. We can arrange to package confectionery into your own brand or themed for a particular event. Please get in touch if this service might be of help to your business. We hope that our range of wholesale packaging is of interest to you, in addition to our massive range of wholesale sweets and chocolates; all available to be delivered direct to your business, wherever you are in the UK.

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