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  1. Abtey 1item
  2. Aero 7items
  3. Anglo Bubbly 1item
  4. Astra 1item
  5. Barnetts 9items
  6. Barratt 6items
  7. Bazooka 1item
  8. BIP Candy & Toys 6items
  9. Black Magic 1item
  10. Bonds 122items
  11. Bonnerex 1item
  12. Bounty 4items
  13. Brays 2items
  14. Buchanan's 6items
  15. Butterkist 5items
  16. Cadbury 7items
  17. Carol Anne 15items
  18. Celebrations 4items
  19. Crawford's 3items
  20. Crazy Candy Factory 59items
  21. Crazy Frosty Factory 14items
  22. Damel 1item
  23. Dobsons 6items
  24. Fizz Wiz 2items
  25. Frisia 1item
  26. Frozen 1item
  27. Fruittella 2items
  28. Fudge Factory 1item
  29. Galaxy 13items
  30. Glisten 1item
  31. Hannah's 2items
  32. Haribo 20items
  33. Hershey's 1item
  34. Hubba Bubba 2items
  35. Hula Hoops 2items
  36. Jakemans 1item
  37. Jameson's 2items
  38. Joe & Seph's 10items
  39. Kellogg's 1item
  40. Kingsway 114items
  41. Kinnerton 11items
  42. Kit Kat 6items
  43. Laica 1item
  44. Lets Bake & Decorate 2items
  45. Lonka 10items
  46. Lutti 2items
  47. Maltesers 12items
  48. Mars 8items
  49. Maxilin 3items
  50. McCoy's 1item
  51. Mentos 1item
  52. Milky Way 4items
  53. Millions 5items
  54. Moo Free 13items
  55. Mr Men & Little Miss 2items
  56. Nestle 2items
  57. Nomo 3items
  58. Other 33items
  59. Paynes 1item
  60. Pez 1item
  61. Pom Bears 2items
  62. Pop Rocks 1item
  63. Quality Street 4items
  64. Rolo 3items
  65. Rose Marketing 2items
  66. Ross's 1item
  67. Rowntree's 1item
  68. Royale 84items
  69. Shmoo 3items
  70. Shoebury 1item
  71. Skippers 1item
  72. Skittles 7items
  73. Slush Puppie 3items
  74. Snickers 6items
  75. Softies 1item
  76. Starburst 4items
  77. Stockley's 6items
  78. Sultans 2items
  79. Supernature 3items
  80. Sweet Dreams 7items
  81. Sweet Spot 1item
  82. Sweets in the City 4items
  83. Sweetzone 5items
  84. Swizzels 47items
  85. Tango 1item
  86. Taveners 5items
  87. The Dorset Sweet Company 31items
  88. The Jelly Bean Factory 1item
  89. The Real Candy Co 5items
  90. Thorntons 1item
  91. Tilley's 3items
  92. Toffee Crisp 2items
  93. Topic 1item
  94. Toxic Waste 4items
  95. Trolli 1item
  96. Twix 5items
  97. Uncle Joe's 1item
  98. Vidal 2items
  99. Vimto 5items
  100. Walkers 5items
  101. Walkers Chocolate 1item
  102. Walkers Nonsuch 43items
  103. Warheads 1item
  104. Wawel 5items
  105. Werthers 1item
  106. Westheads 1item
  107. Wonka 1item
  108. Wrigley's 12items
  109. Zed Candy 24items
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