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  1. Bonds Peppermint Candy Canes 12 Pack 144g
    24 x 144g Sell at £1.00 POR 60.4%
    ex. VAT £7.92 £14.40
    Vat 20%

  2. Bonds Christmas Jelly Pops 23g
    24 x 23g Sell at £0.50 POR 64%
    ex. VAT £3.60 £5.29
    Vat 20%

  3. Bonds Mini Christmas Candy Canes 5g
    250 x 5g Sell at £0.05 POR 28%
    ex. VAT £7.50
    Vat 20%

  4. Bonds Turkish Delight Box 215g
    12 x 215g Sell at £1.00 POR 25%
    ex. VAT £7.50
    Vat 20%

  5. Bonds Christmas Mallow Pops 45g
    24 x 45gm Sell at £1.00 POR 37%
    ex. VAT £12.60
    Vat 20%

  6. Bonds Orange & Lemon Slices Box 120g
    24 x 120g Sell at £1.00 POR 28%
    ex. VAT £14.40
    Vat 20%

  7. Bonds Candy Canes 20g
    60 x 20g Sell at £0.20 POR 25%
    ex. VAT £7.50
    Vat 20%

  8. Bonds Giant Strawberry Candy Cane 100g
    18 x 100g Sell at £1.00 POR 31.33%
    ex. VAT £10.30
    Vat 20%

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