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SummerDepending on your location and audience summer can be a key driver of sales, and deserves appropriate preparation. Children change their buying patterns dramatically once school ends in July, while novelty and sugar ranges tend to trend quickly upwards in popularity.

Once the temperature starts rising nothing’s more important than keeping your customers cool and content, and stocking up on the seasonal staples and snacks of summer confectionery is absolutely essential to driving sales year-through.

We’ve got plenty to pick from in our range of summer sweets, including:

  • Nougat and Fudge
  • Summer Confectionery
  • Pick and Mix
  • Lollipops
  • Slush
  • Kids Novelties
  • Drinks and Ice Poles
  • Seaside Confectionery
  • Ice Cream Sundries
  • Confectionery Stands

Though some British summers seem to suggest otherwise, some months are simply too hot for chocolate. Sugar confectionery is a popular choice representing an easy sell, with Swizzels marking a must-have branded range.

Non-melting snacks and confectionery become easy to merchandise, while novelty becomes even more important as children start buying with higher frequency. Jelly beans, pick ‘n mix, mallows and candy lollies all come into their own over the summer months, meanwhile the year-round staples of popcorn, crisps and nuts see steady movement across both adults and children alike.

Moving past the confectionery essentials, wholesale drinks, ice poles and slush help to keep customers cooled and order values high. Combined with a cooler or slush machine and a prominent display it’s simple to sell in a drink with purchases, and any spare cooler space is well-suited keeping chocolate lines chilled.

Hancocks are one of the UK’s largest suppliers of wholesale sweets and confectionery. We’ve got a huge range to browse and choose from online, with over 5,000 product lines stocked in our 20 cash and carries throughout the UK. Register today to buy either in-store or online.


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  • Kingsway Fizzy Watermelon Slices 3kg

    Kingsway Fizzy Watermelon Slices 3kg

    £8.49 excl. VAT £10.19 incl. VAT
    Code 64209
  • Kingsway Candy Cones

    Kingsway Candy Cones 3kg

    £8.79 excl. VAT £10.55 incl. VAT
    Code 43613
  • Chocolate Filled Banana Marshmallows 1kg

    Chocolate Filled Banana Marshmallows 1kg

    £3.99 excl. VAT £4.79 incl. VAT
    Code 305079
  • Bonkers Banana Spray 50ml

    Bonkers Banana Spray 50ml

    £4.99 excl. VAT £5.99 incl. VAT
    Code 15384
  • Zed Candy Radiation Balls

    Zed Candy Radiation Balls

    £5.95 excl. VAT £7.14 incl. VAT
    Code 27396
  • Fanta Lemon Cans 330ml
    Out of stock

    Fanta Lemon Cans 330ml

    £8.99 excl. VAT £10.79 incl. VAT
    Code 304860
  • Oasis Citrus Punch 500ml
    Out of stock

    Oasis Citrus Punch 500ml

    £9.65 excl. VAT £11.58 incl. VAT
    Code 89993
  • Ben Shaws Cloudy Lemonade 500ml
    Out of stock

    Ben Shaws Cloudy Lemonade 500ml

    £4.49 excl. VAT £5.39 incl. VAT
    Code 44066

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8 Item(s)