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  1. Kingsway Toffee Bonbons 3kg
    1 x 3kg Sell at £0.99 POR 63.68%
    Buy 20-39 Kingsway Bags Save 20p/Unit
    Buy 40+ Kingsway Bags Save 50p/Unit
    ex. VAT £8.99
    Vat 20%

  2. Walker's Nonsuch Mint Toffees 2.5kg
    1 x 2.5kg Sell at £0.99 POR 51.56%
    ex. VAT £9.99
    Vat 20%

  3. Kingsway Chocolate Covered Cinder Toffee 3kg
    1 x 3kg Sell at £0.99 POR 49.54%
    Buy 20-39 Kingsway Bags Save 20p/Unit
    Buy 40+ Kingsway Bags Save 50p/Unit
    ex. VAT £12.49
    Vat 20%

One of the most popular traditional sweets, toffee retains a timeless popularity with all ages. If you sell pick and mix sweets, toffee has to be an essential confectionery category to include and Hancocks Cash and Carry makes that job easier for you by stocking a vast range of wholesale toffee sweets for you to buy in bulk. 

Specialising in wholesale confectionery, Hancocks offers a range of wrapped toffees. Some of the highlights include: 

  • Mint Toffee          
  • Treacle Toffee
  • Chocolate Toffee
  • Liquorice Toffee
  • Chocolate Eclairs
  • Sugar Free Toffee 

Sugar free toffee is a relatively recent addition to the range, developed in reaction to growing health awareness and increasing numbers of people with diabetes. Sugar free sweets are selling very well and Hancocks can offer a good selection of wholesale sugar free sweets in jars or pre packed in bags. 

Interestingly, little is known about the history behind toffee with the earliest mention of toffee in the dictionary dating back to 1825. Many suspect that toffee was made well before this time, its popularity growing when sugar prices dropped after the 19th century, allowing for toffee to become a more affordable treat for many. 

Bulk bags or jars of wholesale toffee sweets can be purchased from Hancocks Cash and Carry, either in one of our many confectionery cash and carries or online at Our online wholesale sweets shop is certainly proving popular with confectionery businesses that are not within reach of our cash and carries.  We stock a good range of Walkers Nonsuch toffees in addition to many in our own Kingsway brand of sweets, known for its great value. We have soft and chewy toffees in addition to much harder toffees.

You might choose to sell pick and mix toffees from a pick n mix stand or displayed in sweet jars in a more traditional fashion. Alternatively you could provide your customers with something a little unique, packing small amounts into bags or even small empty sweet jars to make an affordable treat or gift. 

However you decide to sell wholesale toffee sweets, Hancocks is an ideal destination for your bulk sweets supplies. Established in 1962, we have generations of knowledge and expertise of UK confectionery, making us the leading specialist wholesale confectionery company in the UK. 

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