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A family business established in 1922, Walker’s Nonsuch is one of UK’s finest and oldest makers of traditional toffee that over the decades has become an international brand known and loved by thousands of consumers. With the mission of making England’s finest toffee remaining at the core of their business philosophy, Walker’s Nonsuch are continuously working towards creating delicious toffee varieties that are enjoyed by children and adults alike.

As one of the longest standing confectionery specialists in the UK, over the years Hancocks has been sourcing high quality sweets from trusted suppliers and popular brands and Walkers Nonsuch is certainly one of them. Their dedication to providing only the best varieties of toffee is what makes them stand out and it also resonates with our commitment to delivering excellent confectionery to our customers.

From packs of different sizes to a wide array of toffee flavours including the original Walkers Nonsuch toffee flavour, as well as other novel lines such as Brazilnut, Belgian Chocolate or Treacle, at Hancocks there’s something to cater to different customer groups, as well as your individual needs as a retailer.

Made only from good wholesome ingredients including whole milk, butter and Belgian chocolate, the Walkers Nonsuch varieties are moreish morsels of toffee goodness that will keep your customers coming back for more.

You can now complete your stock with excellent varieties of Walkers Nonsuch Toffee with the help of Hancocks. Just browse our category below or visit one of our 20 cash and carries spread across the UK to discover our full range of delicious Walkers Nonsuch products.

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