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If ever there was a confectionery brand developed to capture emotion, Werthers Original is surely it? We all love Werthers sweets and they continue to be an extremely popular choice at Hancocks where we sell wholesale cases to retailers and other confectionery businesses. Werthers started life as a buttery candy sweet, that slowly dissolved in your mouth allowing the creamy centre to escape and create an even more intense and creamy flavour. This is Werthers Original of course. But Werthers sweets come in other forms too such as chewy toffees, sugar free candies and caramel fudge. Hancocks stocks a selection of the most popular Werthers sweets in wholesale cases and they are strong sellers from both the cash and carries and the online shop. We never seem to tire of Werthers sweets. There is just such a huge range of wholesale sweets and chocolates to consider at Hancocks and it can be hard to decide on the best range for your business. Rest assured we are more than happy to help you with your ranging if you'd like the help. Please just ask in one of our cash and carries or send us an email. Meanwhile in a branded range, Werthers Sweets should be a consideration depending on your shopper profile. Mix up some classic brands with some own label and slightly different confectionery and you'll capture the interest of your customers for some time to come.
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