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Wholesale Jelly Beans

Wholesale Jelly BeansJelly Beans continue to be a favourite variety of confectionery for sweet shops, event planners and retailers of all types. Having a reliable wholesale supplier of these traditional sweets is essential if you want to make the most of the profitable opportunity that they present. Hancocks can offer you wholesale Jelly Beans that are ideal for all manner of customers.

Hancocks is the leading UK sweet and chocolate wholesaler, building on 50 years experience in the confectionery industry, to supply sweet shops, traders, event planners and retailers with sweets, chocolate and more in bulk quantities. We stock a huge online selection of confectionery and with cash and carry stores located across the UK, you’ll always be able to find what you need to keep your customers happy.

Jelly Beans are an essential part of any pick and mix display and Hancocks can offer you many options including traditional flavours and Mini Gourmet Jelly Beans. You can take advantage of the trend for more exotic flavours or stick to the larger, traditional Jelly Beans which have proved to be a consistent seller time and time again. Purchasing wholesale Jelly Beans will help you to achieve excellent margins, offering your customers exactly what they want. Our traditional Jelly Beans will add some fruity flavours to any confectionery stand, whether you’re displaying your sweets in traditional sweet jars or in a pick and mix stand.

Hancocks wholesale Jelly Beans are also available in pre-packed bags, in our Share Bag and 3 for 99p ranges. Both of these bag ranges can be displayed on purpose-built sweet stands. Mini Gourmet Jelly Beans bring some more exotic flavours to the table such as kiwi, pear and banana. These Jelly Beans work well in any pick and mix display and can also be dispensed with Hancock’s exclusive Jelly Bean Dreams stand. This novel jelly bean display allows customers to dispense Mini Gourmet Jelly Beans into a clear tube, choosing any combination of the many flavours that are available.

Jelly Bean Dreams is proving to be popular with many different types of confectionery retailer. Our Jelly Bean Windmills are yet another innovative way to sell these sweets, proving particularly popular with younger customers. The handle of the windmill is hollow and filled with a colourful array of Jelly Beans thus combining a fun toy with confectionery. These will sell especially well over the summer months, particularly if you’re based in a popular holiday area.

Whichever products you choose, Hancocks can supply wholesale Jelly Beans that will help you to maximise your return and boost your confectionery sales. With quick delivery for online orders and regular special offers, we’re proud to be the UK’s leading confectionery wholesaler. 


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  • Kingsway Jelly Beans

    Kingsway Jelly Beans 3kg

    £7.99 excl. VAT £9.59 incl. VAT
    Code 19636
  • Haribo Jelly Beans

    Haribo Jelly Beans 3kg

    £8.49 excl. VAT £10.19 incl. VAT
    Code 34380
  • Haribo Jelly Beans 1p Tub 1kg

    Haribo Jelly Beans 1p Tub 1kg

    £3.19 excl. VAT £3.83 incl. VAT
    Code 55019
  • Crazy Candy Factory Jelly Bean Machines

    Crazy Candy Factory Jelly Bean Machines

    £6.60 excl. VAT £7.92 incl. VAT
    Code 74369
  • Kingsway Crazy Jelly Beans 3kg

    Kingsway Crazy Jelly Beans 3kg

    £6.99 excl. VAT £8.39 incl. VAT
    Code 20364

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