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How to Create Your Own Christmas Gift Boxes

How to Create Your Own Christmas Gift Boxes

A shopping trolley with some neatly wrapped Christmas presents!

At Christmastime, shoppers are full of excitement and the festive spirit, with many out shopping for gifts. It’s a period of indulgence for many shoppers, and year after year they turn to confectionery as a gift for their nearest and dearest. Therefore, providing exciting Christmas present ideas in-store is a great way to secure sales.

Selection boxes and tins of favourites are always popular choices for sweet lovers. These much-loved options have been around for years and they haven’t changed too much over time. They’re still bound to catch the eye of customers and they’re fantastic sharing options, but you can draw more attention to your store with your own Christmas gift ideas. Shoppers appreciate innovative offerings, and with a little time and effort, you can make your own range of exclusive stocking fillers that add a personal touch – and make sure you stand out from your competitors.

Since you’d be making these yourself they can be tailored to your customers’ preferences. To make your gift boxes as desirable as possible, play to your strengths and give customers what you know they like. For example, if pick n mix is a strong performer in store, then create your own pre-packed festive mix. Or, if chocolate bars are always in demand, create your own little chocolate hampers. As long as you make the choice that makes the most sense for your customers, you don’t need to worry about them being a hit. Plus, given the time that will be involved in them, they will be exclusive, giving you the chance for a healthy POR!

The Kingsway Green & Red Candy Poles are a beautifully festive pick n mix choice that's perfect for Christmas gifts!

With the comprehensive number of seasonal lines that are released, building a Christmas pick n mix gift box won’t be a problem. For your gift boxes, using themed sweets will make the gift boxes stand out and catch the eye of shoppers. Balancing a variety of flavours, colours and types of sweets will ensure a gift box that appeals to a wider range of shoppers. Red and green are colours that automatically signal Christmas, and the Kingsway Green & Red Candy Poles certainly spread the festive spirit. There are plenty of festive characters on offer, with Christmas Tree MallowsReindeer and Christmas Elves among many other adorable additions. Another option is to combine the lines that are already best sellers in your store and simply package them in a festive box or Christmas Tree Plastic Sweet Jars.

Just as it is all year round, chocolate is hugely popular at Christmas. So making chocolate boxes, or little chocolate hampers, is another tasty way to cater to your customers. Whether you go for chocolate options like the creme-filled Golden Bear Milk Chocolates or Kinnerton Milk Chocolate Sprouts, or add in popular chocolate bars that you know shoppers enjoy.

When it comes to packaging your Christmas gifts, there are numerous ways you could approach it. Depending on the lines you’re including, packaging will suit some better than others. Regardless, though, you want to show off your gifts as best you can and make them look as appealing as possible. If you’ve made your own festive pick n mix, then the Victorian Spiral Sweet Jar is a great way to add an air of luxury. Coming in packs of 31, there are plenty to fill with festive treats – plus they offer a great POR, even when they’re full of sweets. Suitable for pick and mix as well as smaller chocolates, the Christmas Tree and Snowman Plastic Sweet Jars will turn any treats into eye-catching Christmas gifts.

These Snowman Plastic Sweet Jars are an adorable way to add festive sparkle to your sweet Christmas gifts!

If you opt to make your own chocolate gift box, however, a sweet jar isn’t ideal. With plenty of space for bars or foiled chocolates, the Christmas Sweet Gift Box with Handle is ideal. Using some Silver Grosgrain Ribbon and a Santa Sticker, you can easily dress them for the occasion and add a sprinkle of festive magic. Line the boxes with tissue paper, and it’s these little touches that will make your mini chocolate hampers such lovely Christmas gifts.

Whilst creating bespoke gifts will take more time than stocking your shelves with branded lines, there are plenty of benefits to be had. When potential customers enter your store, your unique gifting options will stand out. The beauty of making them yourself is that no other store will have the same offering – so get it right and they’ll be a hit. Financially, your own sweet gifts can be profitable, too – especially if you’re using stock that you have elsewhere in store. For example, customers will value a ready-made gift jar of sweets higher than those same sweets as part of a pick n mix display.

As it is every year, Christmas will be a hectic period for confectionery retailers. Whilst there are must-stock lines, offering something different to your competitors is a brilliant way to stand out and ultimately boost sales. Whatever Christmas stock you need this year, we have the most popular lines and brands here at Hancocks. If you have any issues with any of our seasonal lines, simply contact our team and they will be happy to help.

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