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American Candy

American candy is loved by UK sweet fans! With their unique flavours and novelty packaging, they are a mouthwatering addition that will excite anyone who enters your store. With a range that includes iconic flavours and the biggest brands, there's something for every fan of American sweets.


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          Why Are American Sweets Popular in the UK?

          Our stateside friends know a thing or two about creating flavoursome delights. American sweets are known and admired the world over for their creativity and creativity, whilst many of the most recognisable sweet brands are American, too. So many American lines have iconic packaging and stand out on shelves, with many providing a tasty hit of nostalgia. Over the years, so many American sweets have been seen on the silver screen, which adds another level of excitement for shoppers of all ages! From chocolatey taffies to supremely sour candies, nobody does candy quite like the Americans.

          What American Sweets are Available at Hancocks?

          At Hancocks, we work hard to ensure that we offer the best range of the most exciting and desirable US sweets. Our range includes a huge variety of sweets from America, from chocolatey taffies to superbly sour candies, there is something for every customer. With all of the biggest brands, you'll find everything you need to create a stellar selection of stateside sweets right here. Browse our range, build your basket and buy your American sweets online.

          Jelly Belly

          One of the most recognisable names in confectionery, Jelly Belly is a definitive American sweet that all shoppers will enjoy. From classic Very Cherry and Sour Grape flavours to the more outrageous tastes of Hot Cinnamon, Strawberry Cheesecake and Lemon Meringue Pie, Jelly Belly has an astounding range of mouth-watering flavours. Fans of Harry Potter will obviously adore Jelly Belly's Harry Potter Bertie Botts Beans, containing all the flavours you would get at Hogwarts; even the famous vomit-flavoured bean Dumbledore ate in the movie! The world's favourite jelly bean brand, Jelly Belly is a staple that UK American sweets fans will be glad to see.


          Another classic American brand is Tootsie. Famous for being a wartime delicacy, the Tootsie Roll is as unique as they come. The chocolate-flavoured taffy is now accompanied by many more Tootsie sweets, including fruity and chewy Sour Dots, Fruit Chews, the Charleston Chew and Junior Mints. Tootsie Roll Industries is a giant of American confectionery, and its family of great confectionery brands has something for everyone.

          Laffy Taffy

          What's better than a scrumptiously chewy treat? One that comes with a joke! Filling your shelves with the tangy flavours of Laffy Taffy sweets not only gives your customers a wonderfully delicious candy rope but they also be tickled by the magic of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.


          For all those sour sweet lovers, Warheads are a face-twistingly sour treat that blows their minds! This American candy doesn't compromise and is so sour that school kids would have competitions to see who could keep one in their mouths the longest! With a variety of scarily sour additions to their range, you can offer shoppers anything from liquid candy to chewy treats and ice poles!

          Other Popular American Candy

          From classic treats such as Sour Punch to the novelty of Marshmallow Fluff, at Hancocks we are always adding to our wholesale American candy range. From theatre boxes of Mike & Ike candies to the iconic Red Vines, PEZ dispensers and so many more. Whatever your clientele, you'll be able to find American sweets that pique their interest and have them coming back for more.

          Wholesale American Sweets

          Our range of American sweets includes countless options that will help you capitalise on the popularity of treats from across the pond. With such high demand for American sweets in the UK, our wholesale American candy range is the best place to get your wholesale stocks. As with all of our American stock, our US sweets are checked by our in-house experts to ensure that they comply with the relevant regulations, you can sell them in your store without any worries.

          Here at Hancocks, our American range isn't simply limited to candy, you'll find chocolate, drinks, snacks and even a section dedicated to sour American sweets. We continue to work hard to be the best American sweets wholesaler for our customers. So whether you run a specialist American sweet shop, have a section dedicated to US confections in store or want to give it a trial, you can find the perfect lines right here. If you have any questions about our American stock, or anything else for that matter, simply contact our team and we will gladly share our confectionery expertise.