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Loved for their eye-catching and delicious pick n mix sweets, Sweetzone are a great way to add excitement to your shelves. Their range of halal sweets is full of sweetshop favourites that will be loved by all customers!


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          Is Sweetzone All Halal?

          Yes, the entire Sweetzone range of sweets is halal. Ensuring that every single one of their sweets is halal is very important to the brand and their products are all free-from haram ingredients. It is their dedication to producing delicious treats that are suitable for the Muslim market that has made them such a popular halal sweet brand. Sweetzones wide range of halal sweets is a worthwhile addition for any confectionery retailer, as it is as important as ever to cater for a range of dietary requirements.

          Sweetzone Wholesale

          Here at Hancocks, we're proud to offer a mouth-watering Sweetzone range. With a varied selection of pick n mix sweets, retro favourites and fun shapes, theres a Sweetzone product for any customer. Browse our bulk selection to find the picks that your store needs!

          Sweetzone Tubs

          A core aspect of their product range, the Sweetzone tubs are a fantastic addition to any sweetshop. Available in a range of flavours and varieties, it couldnt be easier to put on a dazzling display of halal sweets. With a mix of 1p, 5p, 10p and 20p tubs, these tubs offer great POR across the board and couldnt be easier to sell. The 1p range includes tasty little treats like Rainbow Belts and Fizzy Blue Bottles, with the sweets getting bigger as you head up to price ranges. Watermelon Slices are a popular 7p tub, whilst bigger pencils and Giant Cola Bottles are found in the 10p range and sweetshop favourites Yellow Bellies come in a 20p-marked pack. Whatever your tubs of choice, theyre the easiest way to store and cater your stock.

          Sweetzone Bags

          For stocking up your halal pick n mix stand, Sweetzone bulk bags provide the sweets you need. With a range of gummy sweets that includes an array of flavours and mixes, youll be able to fill your shelves with delicious pick and mix. The Sweetzone range includes a sweet selection of 1kg bags that will help you serve customers with all different tastes. The Sweetzone Tangy Mix is a prime example of this as it includes fizzy cola bottles, mini twin cherries and sour bears among many more!

          Sweetzone Pencils

          One of the gems of the Sweetzone collection, there are countless variations of fondant-filled pencils in the range. The Rainbow Pencils 1p Tub offers a colourful, bite-sized portion of the signature sweet, whilst the Fizzy Rainbow Pencils 10p Tub offers a much larger treat that will be the centrepiece of any pick and mix. Across various sizes and formats, other flavours include blackcurrant, cherry and bubblegum.

          Sweetzone Candy Floss

          Offering a tasty portion of a retro favourite, the Sweetzone Candy Floss Tubs are a sweet treat that many will find hard to resist. Each case includes a mix of strawberry and vanilla flavours, these will appeal to sweet lovers of all ages. Whether you have them supplementing a pick n mix stand or as a tempting impulse line, these have a place in any store!

          When it comes to adding a tasty range of halal pick n mix to any store, the Sweetzone range is filled with fantastic options that will fit in on any shelf. Their wholesale sweets are made with care and dedication and are the ultimate halal treat. If you have any questions about Sweetzone halal sweets or anything else that we can help you with, simply contact our team!