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Swizzels Sweets

With a range that’s bursting with sweetshop icons, Swizzels have a special place in the hearts of generations of sweet lovers. From Drumstick to Love Hearts and everything in between, there’s delight in the Swizzels range for every customer. Shop their mouth-watering range online right here!


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          About Swizzels

          One of the most creative and revered brand in the world of confectionery, Swizzels have been putting smiles on faces through their awe-inspiring treats since 1928. They’ve been making iconic treats from the early days, too, with Rainbow Drops and Fizzers being among their very first hits with sweet lovers and have truly stood the test of time. Right across the Swizzels family, there is a creative concoction of flavours, fun texture and a clear passion for confectionery that appeals to people of all ages.

          Over the years, the company has consistently invested in their facilities and grown with their success. A private limited company, Swizzels relocated northwards from London to Derbyshire in 1940 and remains at the site in New Mills to this day. Generations later, members of the founding Matlow and Dee families are still on the board and involved in the running of the company in the modern era.

          Not only have many Swizzels favourites been adored for decades, but they’re still finding new ways to add excitement to your shelves with new treats and thrilling variations of beloved flavour combinations. Many of their lines are suitable for everyone, too. You’ll find numerous of the best-selling Swizzels sweets are vegan, vegetarian or halal – often more than one! So you can be confident that there really is a Swizzels line for everyone! 

          Swizzels Sweets

          From chewy treats to lollipops, hard candy to gummy pick n mix favourites, the range of Swizzels sweets is diverse and full of tremendous treats. So whatever your store’s speciality, you can add some Swizzels magic into the mix! Let’s take a look at some of their most iconic lines that will surely have shoppers brimming with excitement. 

          Love Hearts

          Who doesn’t love Swizzels Love Hearts? Every single one of the Love Heart sweets is fruity and fizzy and comes with its own affirmation of love! Whether buying in bulk bags of mini rolls, single rolls that’re perfect for on the go, or Love Hearts Candy Sticks, these are sure to have shoppers smiling and give them an extra little boost! 

          Parma Violets

          The brilliantly floral hard candies, Swizzels Parma Violets have their own devoted following. They may not be to everyone’s taste, but anyone who likes Parma Violets more accurately loves them! Available in a variety of packs ranging from share bags, bulk rolls and Giant Parma Violets, there is something for every shopper. You’ll even find Parma Violets Wax Melts and a candle, so shoppers can have their home smelling like their favourite Swizzels sweets.


          A blend of six delightfully fruity flavours, the iconic Fizzers have been with us since the 1930s! With an unrivalled balance between delicious flavour and intense fizziness, they are available in a number of varieties, so your shoppers can enjoy the classic treat whenever and however they please. From Giant Fizzers Rolls to bulk bags of individual rolls and inclusion in various Swizzels multipacks and mixes, there are plenty of ways to offer this Swizzels classic. 


          Pairing its exquisite chewiness with its iconic milk and raspberry flavour combination, the Swizzels Drumstick is a favourite with countless sweet lovers and is a British confectionery hero. Available as the classic lollipops, you’ll find bulk Drumstick Lollies, as well as display boxes of multiple sizes. The unique recipe of the Drumstick lends itself to a range of other lines too, such as Chew Bars, Choos, Marvellous Mallows and many more. A gift that keeps on giving!  


          Available in a range of flavours and formats, Swizzels Drumstick Squashies are a beautiful blend of both chewy and fluffiness that is a true delight. The little treats are available in a range of pack sizes, as well as Sour Cherry and Apple, Rhubarb & Custard and Bubblegum flavours, whilst there are also biscuits and wax melts on offer.    


          Filled with plenty of tangy flavours to sink your teeth into, Swizzels Refreshers are a favourite of chewy connoisseurs. From the Original Lemon to Strawberry, Sour Apple Chew Bars as well as mini Choos, stick packs and scented candles, you can easily refresh your stocks with Swizzels Refreshers sweets.  

          Swizzels Lollies

          A staple in the memories of many a sweet loving British kid, there are Swizzels lollipops for any taste and any occasion. From Candy Whistles to Drumsticks, Fruity Pops to Double Lollies and other special variations, Swizzels knows how to make mouth-watering lollipops that will have your customers smiling from ear to ear. Whether you’re looking for multipacks to help shoppers stock up at home, display cases filled with countlines or mega lollies, you’ll find the stock you need right here at Hancocks. 

          Other Swizzels Sweets

          When talking about a sweet icon like Swizzels, it is impossible to mention every amazing line that they manufacture – there are simply too many! From their Vimto flavoured sweets to Minions Chews and numerous pick n mix tubs and even biscuits! 

          Swizzels Biscuits

          Speaking of biscuits, we stock a range of wonderful tins that make delicious gifting options for sweet-toothed shoppers. From Lemon Refreshers and raspberry and milk Drumstick Squashies to Love Hearts Pure Butter Shortbread, there are some tantalising options. Adding these to your shelves will certainly turn heads and will also be an effective impulse line, too. 

          Wholesale Swizzels

          Whatever Swizzels sweets your store needs, be it pick n mix tubs or wholesale favourites in bulk, you’ll find them here at Hancocks. All of them are available to bulk buy online with a choice of UK delivery options. For retailers, specialist sweetshops, re-packers and event planners, Hancocks is the best place to find the stock you need and bulk buy Swizzels sweets for your happy customers. If you have any queries about any of our stock or services, simply contact us and we will keenly help out.