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Wholesale Prime

The drink that everybody wants, PRIME Hydration is certain to cause excitement in store. With a range of exciting flavours – such as Ice Pop, Tropical Punch, Lemon Lime and Blue Raspberry – you can expect this to be a hit with thirsty shoppers of all ages. Browse our range and shop online for Prime drinks at Hancocks today.


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          Why is PRIME so Popular?

          Since it was launched in 2022, PRIME Hydration has taken the energy drink market by storm. With the power of YouTube superstars Logan Paul and KSI PRIME Hydration drinks have become the go-to for a wide range of people, including avid gamers, school kids and young people of all interests. The range of fruity-flavoured drinks complements any range of wholesale drinks and is sure to have people coming back to your store for more.  

          PRIME Drink Flavours

          Each PRIME drink comes full of vitamins and is made with 10% coconut water to aid hydration and well-being. With both KSI and Logan Paul having their athletic endeavours, they understand the importance of recovery and staying hydrated, which is why each bottle of PRIME includes BCAA for muscle recovery, electrolytes, B vitamins and antioxidants to keep customers fresh and alert. Across the range of PRIME Hydration, you’ll find fruity flavours that will suit everybody’s taste.  

          PRIME Lemon Lime

          The most popular PRIME flavour is easily recognised by its bright green bottle! Stocking PRIME Lemon Lime will add a vibrant kick to any range of bulk drinks, and you know that you’ll catch the eye of shoppers. Taking the evergreen flavour combination and applying the PRIME recipe and hype, this is onto a winning formula. 

          PRIME Blue Raspberry

          Yet another popular flavour across lollipops, pick n mix and of course, drinks, PRIME Blue Raspberry is yet another bold and desirable bottle to add to your shelves. The blue bottles offer delicious refreshments that you know shoppers will flock to – and adding them to your arsenal will add a buzz in store.  

          PRIME Ice Pop

          The most eye-catching bottle of the whole range with its red, white and blue bottle, PRIME Hydration Ice Pop is utterly delicious, too. Combining cherry, lime and blue raspberry, this is a lip-licking replenishing drink that shoppers will relish. Add Ice Pop PRIME bottles to your shelves today and see the excitement it brings to shoppers. 

          PRIME Tropical Punch

          With a tasty hit of fruity freshness, PRIME Tropical Punch is perfect for fans of exotic fruits and adds a unique take on a classic flavour to any drinks range. Add the bright red bottles to your store and add depth to your selection of these much-hyped and fashionable wholesale drinks. 


          Wholesale PRIME Drinks

          Here at Hancocks, we’re always working hard to ensure that our customers can offer consumers the most desirable range of wholesale confectionery – drinks included. That’s why we’re so pleased to offer this range of wholesale PRIME drinks. If you’re looking to add some excitement to your range of drinks PRIME will certainly do that. From Ice Pop to Tropical Punch, Lemon Lime and Blue Raspberry PRIME, you can order all flavours in bulk and online here at Hancocks. Along with pick n mix sweetschocolate bars and many more wholesale drinks, you can buy in bulk all of the stock you’ll need to keep your shoppers smiling and coming back for more.