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Chocolate Multipacks

Providing more of their favourite chocolate and better value, shoppers truly appreciate chocolate multipacks. With the biggest names from the most popular brands, stock up on the chocolate multipacks that will mean the most to your customers online today.


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          Multipack Chocolate Bars

          Shoppers simply love chocolate bars, as they can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime! Hancocks' wholesale range of chocolate multipacks is the perfect solution to meet the demands of customers seeking great value for a variety of occasions. With an extensive selection of popular brands and flavours, you will be able to add an option that catches the attention of every shopper.

          Hancocks' wholesale multipack chocolate bars offer the perfect combination of convenience and a tasty selection. These carefully curated assortments bring together a mix of beloved chocolate bars, providing consumers with a range of flavours to suit their taste whatever the occasion. Whether your customers crave the classic sweetness of Cadbury Dairy Milk or the iconic flavours of a Mars bar, our multipack chocolate bars will help you serve each and every one of them.

          Cadbury Multipacks

          Cadbury, a name synonymous with delicious high-quality chocolate, offers multipack chocolates capable of putting smiles on the faces of people of all ages. These Cadbury multipacks are a must-have for any retailer looking to satisfy their customers' sweet tooth. From the smooth and creamy Cadbury Dairy Milk multipack to the nostalgic delight of a Wispa bar, Crunchie multipack and many others, these offer great value on a selection of Cadbury's most iconic flavours. Stock up on beloved Cadbury multipacks to ensure your customers leave happy and keep coming back for more. 

          Mars Multipack

          For those who crave the satisfying combination of nougat, caramel, and milk chocolate that makes this bar so iconic, Mars bar multipacks are an absolute treat. Hancocks' wholesale range includes an array of Mars multipacks that offer a burst of flavour with every bite. From the classic Mars bar to the Milky Way multipack, as well as Snickers and Galaxy favourites, these chocolate bars are sure to fly off the shelves. Be sure to include Mars multipacks in your inventory to keep your customers delighted and coming back for more. 

          Nestle Multipacks

          Nestle produce some of the world’s most iconic chocolates – and no collection is complete without some Nestle favourites. From the timeless delight of KitKat and Toffee Crisp to the bubbly indulgence of Aero, our Nestle multipacks offer an assortment of flavours that are sure to please every palate. By stocking Nestle multipacks, you can provide your customers with a wide range of options and therefore ensure that you always stock something that can tickle their fancy. 

          Pack of Chocolate

          Not only are these multipack chocolate bars a hit among your individual customers, but they also make excellent choices for gifting and sharing. Hancocks' wholesale multipack chocolate range has options that are perfect for special occasions, birthdays, holidays, or as an everyday indulgence. With each pack of chocolates containing multiple bars, they are ideal for sharing with family and friends, making them a versatile and affordable treat for any occasion.

          Available in many forms other than multipack chocolate bars, you’ll find irresistible multipacks from brands such as Oreo, tubes of Smarties and the delicious Maltesers! Whatever the occasion, whatever the taste, shop Hancocks’ online stock of chocolate multipacks and fill your shelves with lines your shoppers want! 

          Multipack Chocolate Bars Wholesale

          It is well-known just how popular chocolate really is, which is why perfecting your chocolate range can bring about such huge benefits! Multipack chocolate appeals to a range of customers in so many situations, from simply stocking up on chocolate at home, to a day trip, preparing for a party or even just a real treat for themselves. Whatever reason shoppers are looking for a multipack of chocolate bars, there are

          For retailers seeking to offer a delicious assortment of convenient and cost-effective chocolate options, Hancocks is the place to shop. From the iconic flavours of Cadbury and Mars to the diverse offerings from Nestle and many more, these multipack chocolate bars are a sweet treat for every occasion. By stocking these wholesale multipack chocolates, you can delight your customers, boost your sales, and make sure that your store is the go-to location for great value chocolate packs. If you have any questions about any of our stock, or delivery options, simply contact us and we will gladly help out.