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The chewy little treats that sweet lovers adore, Millions are a brilliant addition to any store. With bulk jars, share bags and candy spray all available in a range of flavours, you can find all of the Millions sweets you need right here!


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          Millions Sweets

          The tiny, chewy sweets that come in an array of delicious flavours, Millions are so morish that sweet lovers just can’t help themselves. They’re so delicious that you could eat a million sweets and it still won’t be enough! Proudly produced by Scottish manufacturer Golden Casket, the chewy little treats have been a fixture on the sweetshop shelves for many years now and have remained popular with a regular flow of new flavours to their range. Their current range of flavours is accompanied by the Millions Gang – a crew of sweet-loving characters inspired by their flavours and adored by younger sweets fans. It may feel like there have been a million sweet flavours over the last few decades, but with the addition of Millions Minions Banana, you can find all 9 of the current flavours right here at Hancocks – available in bulk!

          Millions Bags

          Bags of Millions offer a range of ways to enjoy the sweet little treats. The 85g bags include plenty of Millions for a delicious treat, whilst there even enough for the more generous sweet lovers to share! Available in Strawberry, Bubblegum and Vimto flavours, each pack is price-marked at £1, just to make it that bit more tempting. With something a little different, the Millions Iron Brew Jelly Babies are a spectacularly Scottish option that combines the icon flavour with the famous shape and the same Millions irresistibleness!

          Millions Tubes

          Here at Hancocks we stock a variety of tubes of Millions candy, ranging in size and available in various flavours. Fun-sized and fun-filled, the Millions Minions Banana Tubes 40g are an ideal impulse. These smaller bags, also available in other flavours, are a great sweet treat for shoppers on the go and are an enticing option on the shelves of any store. Offering a more substantial snack, the Millions Strawberry Tubes 60g are a great addition to any sweets range. With Blackcurrant, Apple and Raspberry also available, there are plenty of other options available to brighten up shelves and really give customers something to sink their teeth into!

          In stores with a Millions sweet stand, the Millions Bubblegum 1.5kg Bag + 25 Tubes are the perfect way to restock your display! The refill tubes are a fun way for shoppers to get even more of their favourite chewy treats, and you’ll find eight different flavours here at Hancocks!

          Millions Gift Jars

          With all of the eight original flavours on offer, the Millions Taper Gift Jars are a perfect gift for chewy sweet lovers. The range of flavours means that they are an ideal gift offering for so many shoppers.

          Another jar that will add a delicious dimension to any sweetshop, the bulk Millions Blackcurrant Buzz Jar is a brilliant way to combine Millions and the feelgood factor of weigh-out sweets. Along with the other flavours, these wholesale jars will put shoppers in mind of retro sweetshops and surely put smiles on their faces!

          Sugar-Free Millions

          Giving sweet lovers the chance to enjoy the great taste of Millions but without the sugar, the Millions Bubblegum and Strawberry Candy Sprays are both totally sugar free! Taking the same flavours as the chewy Millions treats, this liquid treat comes in a little bottle that sweet fans spray right into their mouth. These creative treats will certainly catch the eyes of younger shoppers, making them effective pocket-money sweets!

          Vegan & Vegetarian Millions Sweets

          Add to your range with Millions sweets vegans can enjoy! Due to the fact that they are made without animal products, there are several Millions lines that are not only vegetarian, but certified Millions vegan sweets, too! These lines include a range of bags, tubes and jars, so your store can provide a selection of sweets that cater to a broader range of dietary requirements.

          Wholesale Millions Sweets

          With fans spanning generations, Millions are the tiny, chewy sweets that will be popular in any store. All of the lines available at Hancocks are available in bulk, offering you trade prices on the stock your store needs! You’ll also find an array of different delivery options, meaning that you can receive your stock when it suits you best. So when you’re looking for your next Millions sweets bulk buy, Hancocks has got you covered. If you have any questions whilst looking for wholesale sweets and chocolate, contact our team and they will be happy to help you out!