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Wholesale Kinder Chocolate

Famed for their silky smooth, sweet and creamy chocolate, Kinder has won fans of all ages! From Surprise Eggs to Bueno and Happy Hippo Bars, find all of the bulk Kinder chocolate you need right here.


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          Who Manufactures Kinder Chocolate?

          Kinder have been a popular chocolate treat ever since their introduction to the German market way back in 1968. The company is now owned by Italian confectionery giants Ferrero and Kinder products are currently produced in both Italy and Germany today.

          What Kinder Chocolates Are Available?

          With their range of eye-catching and popular lines, Kinder would be a popular addition to any chocolate range. From novelty and impulse lines to indulgent and creamy chocolate bars, we have a wide range of Kinder wholesale chocolate here at Hancocks that your customers will adore.

          Kinder Bueno

          One of the most popular chocolate singles, the Kinder Bueno combines milk chocolate and wafer with a luscious milky and hazelnut filling. Supplemented by the even creamier Kinder Bueno White, these smooth and creamy bars are popular with chocolate lovers and are worthy of a space on the shelves of any store. Here at Hancocks, we have both milk and white chocolate versions available in a variety of packs and sizes. With singles, price-marked packs and 3 packs, there are options that are suitable for any retailer.

          Kinder Surprise

          Affectionately known as Kinder eggs, the Kinder Surprise is an iconic chocolate treat. The milk chocolate egg with a milky white lining houses a capsule with a surprise toy inside. The most famous surprise egg, they are supremely popular with children and are effective impulse lines. Available in a range of bulk options, the eggs are perfect for stores with high footfall of younger customers. There are multiple ways to bulk buy Kinder eggs for your store. A countertop display unit of 48 eggs gives you the most Kinder eggs bulk and offers an easy-to-merchandise impulse option. We also stock 3-packs which are popular throughout the year, but come in seasonal variations, too. As with any other line, getting your Kinder eggs wholesale means you wont run out of your bestsellers.

          Kinder Happy Hippo

          With its unique design, the Kinder Happy Hippo is a totally unique snack that has stood out from the crowd since 1897. The hippo-shaped biscuits come in two flavours, with a creamy milk filling complimented by either a hazelnut or chocolate filling. With 5 packs of both flavours available in bulk cases of 10, buying wholesale Kinder Hippos is the best way to keep your shelves full.

          Kinder Cards

          The incredibly thin yet surprisingly creamy Kinder Cards combine thin and crispy wafers with a creamy milk and cocoa filling. Individually wrapped and unlike any other treats on the market, you can find bulk Kinder Cards here at Hancocks. Whether you want individual price-marked packs or multipacks, there are options that will suit any store.

          Kinder Chocolate Bars

          Proof that less certainly can be more, the Kinder Chocolate Bars are treat-sized portions of pure Kinder delight. Pairing the brand's signature sweet and milky chocolate with a milky filling, the little bars are popular sweet snacks. Whether shoppers grab them for a little treat or something sweet to add to lunchboxes, Kinder Chocolate Bars are hard to resist. Available in multipacks, price-marked packs and as a countline, you can easily provide shoppers with what they're looking for.

          What's the White Stuff in Kinder Chocolate?

          Kinder's sweet and creamy chocolate is a real treat for any chocolate lover. Their milk chocolate is paired with a milky lining and many of their treats have a creamy, milky filling. This is what gives so many of their treats that unique, melting feeling in your mouth. Bars like the Happy Hippos have hazelnut or cocoa flavour fillings, but they still keep that creaminess that so many people love about Kinder chocolate.

          Find all of the stock you need to keep smiles on your customers' faces! From Bueno and Happy Hippos to Kinder eggs, Hancocks has the stock to be your go-to Kinder chocolate wholesaler! We also stock a wide range of other desirable chocolate brands, as well as a huge range of the most popular pick n mix sweets, exclusive American candy and much more. If you have a question about any of the lines we stock simply contact us and we will be happy to help!