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Bazooka Sweets

With unique and iconic sweets and lollipops, Bazooka stock always stands out from the crowd. Browse their range below and add even more fun to your repertoire!


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          About Bazooka

          Bazooka, originally known as Topps Chewing Gum, has been delighting taste buds since its inception after the Second World War. The company quickly gained fame for its creation of Bazooka Bubble Gum and has since undergone a name change whilst introducing a range of exciting and adventurous confectionery items. With a focus on edible entertainment, Bazooka has made a name for itself with its innovative and exciting American sweets that tease the tongue and engage the imagination.

          Bazooka Candy Range

          Bazooka takes pride in its diverse candy range, designed to deliver a thrilling burst of flavourful enjoyment. From unique lollipops to thrilling sweets, their products are crafted to pack a punch and offer a memorable experience. Bazooka understands that candy should be more than just a treat, it should be a source of excitement and amusement, too. Here at Hancocks, we are well aware of the importance of keeping shoppers excited and engaged with your stock.

          Bazooka Lollipops

          Amongst the many delectable creations, Bazooka's lollipops stand out as crowd favourites. These flavoured lollipops are not your ordinary sweets. Bazooka has incorporated interactive elements into its packaging, making each lollipop a unique adventure. Whether it's the Push Pops, which conveniently pop out of a protective case, or the Juicy Drop Pop, equipped with a dispenser for sour liquid candy, Bazooka lollipops bring joy with every lick. Other favourites include the whimsical Ring Pops featuring a candy jewel on a novelty ring, and the Big Baby Pop, which includes a lolly resembling a baby's bottle teat for dipping into sherbet, Bazooka's creativity knows no bounds. Adding these lollipops to your range is a wonderful way to increase excitement and intrigue on your shelves.

          Types of Bazooka Sweets

          Bazooka offers a diverse selection of sweets that cater to a range of adventurous tastes, too. For those who crave an extra tang, Rattlerz provides chewy and sour jelly sweets that deliver an intense burst of flavour. Mix-Upz offer a tantalising combination of chewy sour sweets with either a powder or liquid centre, delivering a delightful sour surprise with every bite. Juicy Drop Gummy Dipperz are a truly unique treat, tantalising the taste buds with sour liquid candy accompanied by a gummy candy stick for dipping. And let's not forget the classic Bazooka Original Bubble Gum, a timeless treat loved by generations. Suitable for vegetarians and sold in bulk display cases of 12 packs, these are ideal impulse stock for stores of all kinds.

          Wholesale Bazooka Sweets

          When you're looking to offer Bazooka's delectable range to your customers, you'll find all of the stock you need right here at Hancocks. Stocking Bazooka candy is a brilliant way to captivate your younger customers with unique and interactive confectionery items that are sure to fly off the shelves.

          As with all of our wholesale sweets stock, shopping in bulk for wholesale Bazooka sweets and lollipops is a simple task at Hancocks. Simply build your order from the extensive range of products we offer and once you've chosen your delivery method, it will be packed and shipped to you. With more than six decades of experience in wholesale confectionery, we're always happy to share our expertise, so if you have any issues don't hesitate to contact us!