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Vegan Sweets

Being vegan doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on delicious sweets. With dedicated brands, as well as more free-from options than ever from big names, you can easily build a sparkling vegan range that will appeal to everyone – whatever their diet! Shop online for the best vegan wholesale sweets right here.


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          What are Vegan Sweets?

          For sweets to be considered vegan, they cannot contain any animal by-products. But sweets don’t just grow on trees! They include a wide array of ingredients, some of which are derived from animals. There are several different substances that could be included in sweets that stop them from being vegan, but the one that is most commonly present in modern sweets is gelatine – which comes from the collagen of certain animals. There are several vegan replacements, but the most popular is Agar-Agar. This jelly can be obtained from seaweed and algae and possesses the same properties as gelatine, making it the perfect replacement!



          What is the Difference Between Vegan & Vegetarian Sweets?

          The difference between vegetarian and vegan diets is that vegetarians don’t avoid animal meat, whilst vegans avoid all animal by-products. You might think that this means that all vegetarian sweets are vegan, but that isn’t the case. Vegetarian sweets often include dairy products, which are a no-go for vegan-friendly products. Gelatine and dairy aren’t the only ingredients that come into play, though. For example, some Haribo lines use beeswax, which means that their Jelly Beans, Giant Strawbs and Rotella are vegetarian friendly but not vegan. This means that, unfortunately, there is no such thing as vegan Haribo sweets. Across our catalogue, you will also see several gelatine-free sweets, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are vegan – make sure you keep an eye out for the vegan sweets logo! All sweets and chocolates that are made with vegan recipes will be suitable for vegetarians, though.



          Which Brands have Vegan Sweets Available?

          There are now more brands offering wholesale vegan sweets than ever before. There are vegan sweets of all kinds, from pick n mix to lollipops, sharing bags to liquid candy, vegan gummies and so much more! Whether they’ve been adapted or have always been made to a free-from recipe, there are plenty of mouth-watering vegan options that you can add to your shelves.

          When searching our range of wholesale vegan sweets, you’ll find classics such as Rowntree’s Jelly Tots, Swizzels Drumsticks and Refresher bars, the tiny chewy delights of Millions and countless other favourites that are made with a vegan recipe. You’ll also find many more that you mightn’t have even known were vegan, just like these!

          Whatever stock sells well in your store, there are more vegan alternatives than ever before. Usually made with dairy products, fudge is most certainly not vegan. However, the Fudge Factory range includes vegan fudge in a variety of flavours. Not only adding their famous berry blend to sweets but vegan sweets too, Vimto is a great addition to any free-from range. Whether you add the Swizzels Vimto Chew Bar, Vimto Millions or the Vimto Roller Licker Liquid Candy, your vegan-friendly range needn’t go without!

          There are plenty of sweetshop favourites, too, with Brain Licker 60ml, plus loads of pick n mix sweets, flying saucers and countless other lines that are suitable for everyone. So when you’re building your vegan range, your shoppers don’t need to go without any of their favourites.



          Vegan Favourites

          Key drivers behind the growth of the vegan sweets movement, several brands only produce vegan treats. These brands have free-from recipes at the core of what they do, creating incredible delicacies that are of the highest quality. They’re proof that the days of vegan sweets being boring and less appealing are definitely behind us.

          A family-ran business based in Sweden; BUBS create truly mouth-watering sweets. Your customers may not have heard of them, but once they’ve tasted them they’ll be back and asking if you have any more! Fantastic flavour combinations and eye-catching colours make these bulk vegan sweets ideal for any pick n mix range. With sours and fizzy, fruity and sweet tastes across their various shapes, such as octopi, ghosts and BUBS branded buttons. Whether you have a dedicated vegan pick n mix range or not, these are a worthy addition to any store.

          Founded by Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Laing of all people, Candy Kittens are a highly fashionable brand that specialises in gummy vegan sweets. Designed specifically with grown-ups in mind, these sophisticated delights come in resealable bags, so shoppers can enjoy them whenever and wherever they want. With a range of fruity flavours, there’s a Candy Kittens pouch for every sweet connoisseur.

          You’ll tend to find that many newly released products today will be sweets suitable for vegans. Our very own Kingsway brand, for example, is constantly expanding its range of vegan pick n mix sweets.



          Wholesale Vegan Sweets

          At Hancocks we always ensure that our range of confectionery enables you to provide your customers with the most in-demand lines. That’s why you’ll find such a vast selection of vegan sweets right here! With the demand for free-from treats of all kinds showing no sign of slowing down, there is no better place to build your range.

          Just like all of our lines, you can enjoy our UK delivery options with any online vegan sweets order. Simply create your order, choose the delivery service and we will bring it to you. If you have any questions about any of our lines, whether they’re vegan or not, simply contact us and we will happily help you out!