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Sneak Energy

Fuel different - drink Sneak. Add the UK's #1 online energy drink to your range and create a buzz in-store. The zero-sugar formula features natural caffeine and no artificial colours or flavours, for a boost your customers will love. Add Sneak to your wholesale energy drinks today!


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          What is Sneak Energy?

          Sneak Energy is the latest sensation in the world of energy drinks, crafted for those who crave a powerful yet healthy boost. It's made with natural, active ingredients and caffeine to keep you energized and mentally sharp. Offering an enticing, sugar-free formula, it's a vegan energy drink that’s fast gaining popularity among gamers and individuals with active lifestyles. As the exclusive distributor of Sneak Energy ready-to-drink cans in the UK, Hancocks is your go-to supplier for these exciting energy drinks. Seen by many as the best energy drink for gamers, and a recipe that avoids a sugar crash, its popularity is much wider than that.

          Sneak Energy Can Flavours

          The range of Sneak Energy cans offers an exciting array of flavours to cater to diverse consumer tastes. Tropikilla provides a juicy burst of tropical fruits, ideal for customers looking for an exotic energy surge. Raspberry Lemonade combines the sweet notes of raspberries with the tangy zest of lemonade, making it a refreshing choice for a revitalizing boost. Offering a cool take on a classic, Blizzard Lemonade delivers a frosty lemonade experience that is sure to invigorate your shoppers. Purple Storm brings a storm of berry flavours, energizing consumers with a vibrant and fruity kick. Each flavour is crafted to ensure your customers enjoy a delicious, guilt-free energy solution.

          Bulk Buy Sneak Energy Drinks

          As the UK’s largest confectionery wholesaler, Hancocks is the best place to stock up on bulk Sneak Energy cans. Stock up on these popular Sneak cans, the preferred choice for anyone looking for a good energy drink that’s vegan and sugar-free. Our range of Sneak Energy cans is versatile stock that’s perfect for businesses aiming to meet the growing demand for healthy energy drinks. Whether you’re an independent retailer, or run a convenience store, supermarket, or specialist sweet shop, this collection will keep your shelves stocked with the energy drink that everyone is talking about.