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Vegan Pick n Mix

Ensure that nobody misses out on their favourite sweets and offer vegan pick and mix sweets. Many retro favourites are vegan sweets, including a variety of fizzy and jelly sweets. Shop our range of vegan pick n mix sweets today, all of which are available to buy in bulk and online


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          Is Pick n Mix Vegan?

          As with any pick n mix, what you get depends on what you choose! On this page, however, youll only find vegan pick and mix sweets. There are more vegan sweets than ever before and with pick n mix being a staple of many a confectionery range, it is no surprise that there are countless options in this category! With new and updated lines, in recent times there have been a lot of vegan additions. Whether classic treats have been tweaked and updated to be suitable for vegans, or totally new sweets that use a free-from recipe, there are plenty of options to build excitement in store.

          Vegan Fizzy Pick and Mix Sweets

          If you sell pick and mix sweets, youll know just how popular fizzy sweets are all-year round. So, you will also be glad to hear that there are plenty of delicious vegan options that are vegan-friendly. Browse our range and find the best vegan bulk sweets for your shoppers to pick a mix.

          Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles

          A staple of any pick and mix, this variation on a classic is a classic in itself! Offering you value for money whilst providing shoppers with a delicious vegan sweet, the Kingsway Mega Value Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles are a must have for any vegan collection. Capturing the magic of the iconic line but through a free-from recipe, this 2.5kg bulk bag offers up a win-win scenario!

          Fizzy Dummy Sweets

          Another bulk bag from Kingsway, the Fizzy Bubblegum Tongue Painting Dummies are a novel treat that goes down a storm! Combining the flavour of one of the most popular pick n mix sweets with the fun of Tongue Painters, this line is perfect for vegan sweetaholics young and old! This 3kg bag is perfect for refilling your pick and mix jars, making bespoke vegan mixes and so much more. Add them to your shelves and watch shoppers smile with blue tongues!

          Vegan Gummy Pick and Mix Sweets

          With gelatine being the main ingredient that makes sweets chewy or gummy, there was a period of time when there were very few gummy vegan options on pick and mix stands. With free-from alternatives like Agar-agar becoming much more accessible and commonplace, there are more vegan sweets on pick n mix stands than in times gone by. Still popular with non-vegans, and also vegetarian sweets, adding vegan gummy sweets to your pick and mix range will please everyone!

          Vegan Jelly Cherries

          A pick n mix favourite that just reminds you of a trip to the sweetshop as a kid, Twin Cherries are a ticket to another time. Bursting with the same great flavour that has seen them loved by so many, these vegan wholesale sweets are a doubly good addition to any shelves. Suitable for vegetarians and vegan friendly, with this 2.5kg pack you'll have yourself a bona fide crowd pleaser.

          Vegan Pick n Mix Tubs

          Pick n mix tubs are a great way to serve up the tuck shop experience. Whether you're appealing to shoppers young or old, there are vegan options that can bolster the stock on your shelves. The Frisia Flying Saucers Bulk Drum is a prime example that will make anyone feel like a child in a sweetshop! Colourful wafers with a fizzing sherbet centre, this classic has always been vegan. It is delicious proof, in fact, that vegan sweets can be adored by anyone and everyone with a sweet tooth!

          Another colourful treat that will surely catch the eye, the Bonds Mixed Flavour Candy Canes are a vegan hard candy that brightens up any room. With mixed fruit and bubblegum flavours, this vibrant twist on a seasonal classic is an amazing vegan sweet that shoppers can enjoy the whole year through.

          Wholesale Vegan Pick n Mix

          All of the vegan pick n mix sweets mentioned here, plus all the countless options in the rest of our range, are available to buy in bulk! You can buy your vegan pick and mix wholesale online and, in accordance with your chosen delivery option, your order will make its way to you. So all you have to do is place your order and wait allowing you to focus more time on your business. If you have any questions about any of our vegan pick and mix sweets, or just pick n mix in general, contact us and we'll happily help you out!