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Chocolate Pick n Mix

Everyone loves a taste of chocolate, don't they? Add timeless chocolate pick and mix to your offering and keep those pick n mixers smiling!


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          Pick n Mix Chocolate

          There are never two pick n mixes made the same. With so many options, and everyone with their own taste, you can’t predict what anyone is going to choose! But one thing that is universal – everyone loves chocolate. That’s why it makes sense to offer some delicious chocolate pick and mix options!

          Types of Pick n Mix Chocolate

          Much to the delight of pick n mixers everywhere, there is no shortage of chocolate options here at Hancocks. From within our range, you can put together the perfect selection that will have your customers licking their lips. With milk, white and dark chocolate options, alongside foiled picks and sweetshop classics, there’s a chocolate treat for everyone.

          Milk Chocolate Pick n Mix

          The most popular variation, milk chocolate is a staple for any sweet shop. Kingsway Chocolate Jazzies are a pick n mix classic. The chocolate discs with a crunchy and colourful candy topping will transport shoppers straight back to their childhood! The same goes for chocolate-coated raisins and chewing nuts. These retro treats are an ideal way to add some different flavours to your chocolate pick n mix line-up.

          But, for a hit of pure milk chocolate bliss, you can’t beat Milk Chocolate Sticks. Offering nothing but soft, delicate and smooth chocolate, these will be a must for chocoholics. Perfect for ice-cream toppings, or as a chocolate bar alternative, these will get the chocolate fans running. They’re also ideal if you make bespoke chocolate gifts.

          White Chocolate Pick n Mix

          The sweetest form of chocolate, it makes sense why there are several white chocolate pick n mix favourites. Just as popular as any other item in a pick n mix, shoppers will be excited by them.

          Snowies are always popular. Basically white chocolate Jazzies, their creaminess pairs with the crunchy topping to make an exciting chocolate candy. If your customers like nostalgic chocolate sweets, then they’re sure to love Pink & White Mice, too!

          To offer shoppers nothing but white chocolate, Kingsway Fish and Chips offer just that. The novelty shapes will remind shoppers of the British seaside and are sure to catch the eye! And obviously, White Chocolate Buttons are a classic that appeals to sweet tooths of all ages.

          Dark Chocolate Pick n Mix

          There are some fantastic dark chocolate pick n mix options, with classic treats and novelty sweets that customers will love in equal measure. From the Carole Anne Dark Chocolate Brazils and Dark Chocolate Ginger to the Chocolate Flavour Stones, you’ll find what you need for the dark chocolate fans.

          Foiled Chocolate

          When chocolate is wrapped in foil, it becomes so much more versatile. From party bags and sweet tables to gift hampers and, obviously, pick n mix. You’ll be glad to learn that here at Hancocks, we’ve got options that shoppers will love – wherever the mood takes them!

          Foiled chocolate is easy to match in different situations as there are so many different designs. For sporting events, there are Chocolate Flavour Footballs as well as the Kinnerton Milk Chocolate Rugby Balls, and you’ll even find Chocolate Grand Prix Cars. This means, that you can easily create your own chocolate sports mix that is sure to catch the eye.

          There are some foiled chocolates that are, simply put, classics! Both chocolate coins and foil-wrapped chocolate hearts are loved by sweet lovers of all generations, so are worthwhile lines to stock. With milk and white chocolate options, plus a wide range of colours and designs, you can pick the ones that best suit your store.

          Other Chocolate Pick n Mix

          The Sweet Dreams range of chocolate bits certainly offers something a little different. Their Nibbles are little pieces of delicious chocolate with caramel and dusted with icing sugar. You’ll find multiple flavours, with Mint, Orange and Strawberry among those to join the classic.

          Foam bananas are hugely popular pick n mix sweets and covering them in delicious milk chocolate doesn’t change that at all! The flavours work together wonderfully, and the foam texture compliments the gentle crunch of the chocolate layer.

          Whatever chocolate lines you are looking for – from pick n mix to bars and sharing pouches – you can count on Hancocks to deliver what you need. If you have any questions about any of our chocolate pick n mix lines, or anything else for that matter, feel free to get in touch with our team and we’ll gladly help you out!