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Barnetts Sweets

With iconic sweets made the same way they always were, Barnetts are a British confectionery icon. With their hard boiled and supremely sour sweets, they offer something for every sweet lover. With bulk jars and bags that are both nostalgic and great value, shop online today and build an irresistible range!


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          About Barnetts Sweets

          Founded in Nottingham back in 1986, Barnetts is a family run company that makes traditional hard-boiled sweets using traditional methods. They’re handmade in open copper pans and some sweets even still use the original recipe! The British sweet makers produce a range of traditional treats alongside their signature range of super sour treats that will tickle the tastebuds. Find nostalgic sweets and signature Barnetts sour sweets right here.

          Popular Barnetts Sweets

          Bringing a tasty burst of nostalgia to any store, the Barnetts traditional sweets are adored by fans of all ages. Whether you have loved them for days or decades, the Barnetts range has something for everyone. From retro medicinal sweets to those so sour they screw your face up, you can build a selection of Barnetts sweets that will have shoppers getting excited and licking their lips.

          Barnetts Mega Sour Sweets

          Becoming a signature of the Barnetts range over the years, their Mega Sour sweets are, well, really sour! These handmade sour sweets are available in a range of sizes and flavour variations. You’ll find sour sweets that’re fruity, such as the Mega Sour Apple and Mega Sour Raspberry Sweet Jars, whilst you’ll also find popular Mega Sour Cola and Bubblegum variations, too. Thanks to such a broad range of flavours, you can easily make a range of Barratts Mega Sour sweets that includes something for everyone.

          Barnetts Sour Sweet Jars

          Fitting the classic sweetshop aesthetic, the Barnett Mega Sour Sweet Jars are a profitable addition to any store that sweet fans are guaranteed to be excited by. The wholesale jars are available in 3, 2.5, 2 and 1.2kg sizes across the range, offering up to 44% POR! These nostalgic weigh-out sweets are a wonderful addition to any traditional sweet shop and are a great way to offer them a lip-puckering sour selection.

          Sugar-Free Barnetts Sweets

          Whilst sugar is a key ingredient for many of the most beloved sweets around, it is still an important part of any store’s offering to provide for shoppers who are avoiding it. Luckily, the Barnetts Sugar Free Large Pear Drops Jar 2kg is a fine example of a delicious treat that is made without any sugar! You’ll also find retro sweets such as Sugar Free Aniseed Twists and a medicinal favourite, Sugar Free Army & Navy. Adding Barnetts sugar-free sweets to your shelves is a great way to widen the appeal of stock in store.

          Vegetarian Barnetts Sweets

          From their Mega Sour Fruit Pips to the Fizzy Dandelion & Burdock, Hot or Wot Hot Chilli Ginger Jar and plenty of other favourites, Barnetts produce a wide range of vegetarian sweets. The best sweetshops offer something for every customer and that means catering to all dietary requirements. It’s safe to say that any of the vegetarian Barnetts sweets will add a welcome splash of nostalgia that any veggie sweet lover will truly appreciate.

          Wholesale Barnetts Sweets

          A fifth-generation family business that’s still making amazing sweets using traditional methods and equipment, you know exactly what you are getting with Barnetts. Their charming and characterful sweets add another element to any sweetshop. Whether you opt for one of their countless Mega Sour variations or a true classic, sweet lovers simply adore seeing these sweet tubs on shelves.

          Here at Hancocks, you can buy a huge range of Barnetts sweets wholesale, ranging from traditional bulk jars of sweets to bags of their latest Mega Sour Fruits Candy Bags. All available both in bulk and online, our range of delivery options mean that it couldn’t be simpler to stock up on your wholesale sweets. Not just for Barnetts, but for all of our stock. With everything from pick n mix sweets to bulk chocolate, exclusive American sweets and much more, you’ll find everything your store needs right here at Hancocks! If you have any questions about any of the lines we stock, simply contact us and a member of our team will be happy to assist however we can.