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American Drinks

With iconic flavours to bold tastes, American drinks can’t help but stand out from the crowd. Browse our range of thirst-quenching American drinks below and buy in bulk today.


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          Why Provide American Soda?

          When it comes to delicious treats, our friends across the pond certainly know a thing or two. American drinks offer a huge range of unique and exciting flavours, with something to catch everyone’s attention. From American Fanta to iced tea and the sour sup of Warheads. Whilst you might be worried that American sodas are really sweet and therefore sugary, you can rest assured that just like the rest of our American range, our in-house experts have made sure that all of our drinks are compliant with UK regulations. So when you’re stocking up on your wholesale drinks, you know that you can add the American drinks UK shoppers love – without a worry! 

          The Best American Drinks

          At Hancocks, we are constantly assessing our stock and doing everything we can to offer our customers the latest and most desirable range! Of course, that includes our American drinks. From zesty and tangy drinks to those with creamy flavours and fruity favourites, you’ll find all the stock you need to provide shoppers with a jaw-dropping range. 


          Fans of sour sweets are more than familiar with the Warheads brand – and they can now quench their thirst with its supreme sourness, too! Their range of flavourful drinks offers your customers a tongue-tingling thrill. Sold in bulk cases of 12 cans, there are five fruity flavours to combine on shelves, all of which provide a delicious kick. There’s nothing subtle about Warheads sweets, so you know that adding their drinks to your stock will definitely make an impact. These drinks are sure to impress shoppers and pair perfectly with American sour sweets, too. If you’re looking for a bold and unique soda brand, then you needn’t search anymore. 

          American Fanta

          It might be a household name in the UK, but Fanta offers different flavours all over the world. Those unique to the US include Berry and Grape soda, which are sure to excite UK shoppers and catch their eye in-store. 


          Famed for its fruity lemonade drinks, Calypso has a wonderful flavour for everyone. This timeless classic is refreshing like nothing else, so why not add them to your shelves? Here at Hancocks, we offer the original Calypso Lemonade, plus various fantastically fruity variations such as Strawberry and Paradise Punch! These drinks are eye-catching and characterful with their glass bottles and provide a great way to entice customers. 

          Arizona Drinks

          With their enlivening juices and lemonades, Arizona drinks are a popular American drink to add to your range. Their range has refreshing flavours that include Strawberry Lemonade and Fruit Punch, to highlight just a couple, that are delightful ways to quench any thirst. Available in bottles and cans, each with amazing designs, Arizona drinks are wonderful American additions.  

          Wholesale American Drinks

          Give your customers the thirst-quenching taste of America with our collection of American drinks that UK customers adore. From sodas to juices and fruity flavours to sour sips, American drinks offer a diverse range that has something to tickle everyone’s fancy. Here at Hancocks, you’ll find a broad range of American drinks that are all available to bulk buy. Part of our expertly assembled American range, you can order online and click and collect your American sodas and juices from the nearest Hancocks store.

          If you have any questions about any of our stock, whether it's drinks, sweets or chocolate, simply contact us. With over six decades of experience in wholesale confectionery, we’re more than happy to share our expertise with our customers.