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          Pop! Have you ever tried to blow the ultimate bubble gum bubble? It isn’t always easy and it takes a lot of practice to become a bubble-blowing champ. But it is always fun!

          Invented almost 100 years ago, Bubblegum has slowly become a classic sweet flavouring. Did you know that 100,000 tons of bubble gum is chewed every year worldwide? That’s a lot of bubblegum!

          Although originally formulated in a pink colour, Bubblegum has since developed into a rainbow of colours and tastes. From Jawbreakers to Candy Terror Eyes, Hubba Bubba to the classic Anglo Bubbly, Hancocks has a wide range of spine-tingling wholesale Bubblegum sweets to tease your customers' tastebuds.

          Are you a retailer looking to bring some colour and excitement into your store? Discover our extensive collection of pocket money favourites.

          Kids are always likely to be keen to try different flavours and Bubblegum is the perfect, chewy alternative when your customers want to introduce something new to their kids and keep things interesting. Bubblegum is also rumoured to improve concentration levels and relieve stress – a perfect combination for kids working their way through their maths homework.

          Hancocks is the biggest confectionery wholesaler in the UK with cash and carries nationwide and an online wholesale sweets shop serving the UK. Hancock’s is continually researching new products that hit the Bubblegum market, so be sure to keep visiting our online store to see what new products we have available. Meet all your wholesale needs in one place with Hancocks.