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From the iconic Ferrero Rocher, Duplo chocolate bars and the Thorntons chocolate brand, the Ferrero family is filled with chocolate superstars! Jump into our range and find all of the wholesale Ferrero chocolate your customers could want!


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          Ferrero Chocolate

          Founded in northern Italy in 1946, confectionery giant Ferrero create luxurious chocolate that is appropriate for all occasions. Today, the Ferrero family includes Thorntons chocolate, Kinder, Nutella and, of course, the range of beloved Ferrero chocolates!

          Ferrero Rocher

          Without doubt the most famous Ferrero line, the Ferrero Rocher is a favourite of people of all ages. A go-to for gifting or parties, the hazelnut coated in wafer pieces and milk chocolate is a real treat. With their gold foil and brown paper base there’s a theatre to opening and enjoying them! At Hancocks we’ve got wholesale Ferrero Rochers in a range of different packs, from the Ferrero Rocher Chocolate 3 Pack to Ferrero Rocher Grand and the impressive Ferrero Rocher Gift Box of Chocolate 42 Pieces! Our range of bulk Ferrero Rocher means that you can easily offer your customers a selection that has them covered for any occasion.

          Ferrero Duplo

          Combining milk chocolate with hazelnut cream and delicate layers of wafers, it is no surprise that the Ferrero Duplo is such a popular bar. Released in Germany in 1964, the little chocolate bar is a brilliantly nutty treat. Ideal treats for chocolate lovers of all ages, the Duplo is a popular snack for anyone.

          Ferrero Raffaello

          In many ways, the Ferrero Raffaello is the creamy cousin of the Rocher. Featuring an entire almond at its centre, surrounded by smooth cream and encased in a wafer shell with a coconut coating, the mouth-watering blend of flavours is absolutely delicious. Available in a 4 Pack and Raffaello Coconut and Almond Pralines Gift Box here at Hancocks, it is easy to offer shoppers the creamy Raffaello treat that they want. Raffaellos are also available alongside Rocher and Rondnoir – a wafer and cocoa treat with a dark chocolate centre – in the Ferrero Rocher Collection.

          Wholesale Thorntons Chocolate

          Acquired by Ferrero in 2015, British confectionery brand Thorntons is famous for its delicious individual chocolates and personalised Easter eggs and chocolate figures. Here at Hancocks, we stock a range of Thornton's chocolate that updates throughout the year! From gifting options like the Thorntons Classic Assorted Gift Box to sharing pouches of Thorntons Pearl Hazelnut Delight and Salted Caramel Sensation, we have wholesale Thorntons chocolate that customers will adore.

          Seasonal Ferrero Chocolate

          Such an iconic gifting option, the Ferrero Rocher lends itself to a range of seasonal gift boxes that are ideal for showing loved ones what they mean. Lines such as Christmas gift sets and even the Ferrero Rocher Advent Calendar will undoubtedly cause excitement among shoppers and add an air of luxury to your shelves.

          Ferrero Wholesale

          Here at Hancocks, you’ll find the Ferrero products you need for your store. With all of the Ferrero brands available in bulk, you can stock up on the lines that your customers want. Available to order online or click and collect at your nearest Hancocks cash and carry, you can get the lines you need in the way that suits you best. If you have any questions about any of the lines we stock, whether that is Ferrero or any other brand, simply contact our team and we will be happy to help you out!