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The colourful, fruity sweets that are chewy and delicious, Skittles are a worldwide favourite. Available in sharing pouches, singles and Skittles bulk bags, there are options that are perfect for any store. Shop online today so your customers can taste the rainbow.


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          Skittles Sweets

          Looking to stock up on truly delectable Skittles sweets? Hancocks offers a fantastic selection of Skittles sweets in bulk, with lines that are perfect for every sweet-loving customer. With our wholesale options, you can ensure that your store always offers shoppers the opportunity to taste the rainbow.

          Skittles Flavours

          Introduce shoppers to a world of flavour with our wide range of Skittles varieties. With an array of vibrant and delicious options. From the classic to the Tropical, Wild Berry, and Sour Skittles our expansive range includes something for everyone. Add the most sought after flavours to your range and brighten up the faces of shoppers in store.

          Skittles Fruit

          The fruity goodness of original Skittles is what made them such delicious showstoppers. These mouth-watering treats pop with the refreshing flavours of delicious fruits. Available in a variety of packs, from Skittles Fruit in bulk, ensuring you have a plentiful supply for your customers to enjoy. With 45g bags, price-marked packs and a bulk 1.6kg vending pack, you can shine the Skittles rainbow in any situation.

          Skittles Tropical

          Transport your customers' taste buds to an exotic paradise with Skittles Tropical. These exotic candies bring the flavours of the tropics right to their mouths through exciting flavours such as banana, kiwi lime and pineapple passionfruit! At Hancocks, you can stock up on the Tropical Skittles in a range of packs sizes and add some spice to your shelves.

          Skittles Wild Berry

          Treat your customers to the bold and berrylicious Skittles Wild Berry, available in 125g and 45g to buy in bulk and online. Bursting with tangy and sweet berry flavours, these candies are sure to satisfy any craving. Purchase Wild Berry Skittles in bulk from Hancocks to keep your shelves fully stocked and ensure that your customers have reason to keep coming back!

          Skittles Sweet Desserts

          The Skittles Sweet Desserts take inspiration from some of the most appetising puddings around. These candies offer a mouth-watering blend of cherry cheesecake, choco-orange cake, lemon pie and strawberry ice cream! With our wholesale options, you can easily provide Skittles Sweet Desserts to your customers (who are probably licking their lips).

          Sour Skittles

          Looking to add a tangy twist to your sweet range? Look no further than Sour Skittles – or even Crazy Sour Skittles! These mouth-puckering treats are perfect for those who crave a sour sensation. Stock up on Sour Skittles and buy in bulk from Hancocks to keep your customers satisfied. Sweet lovers of all ages love sour sweets, so Skittles Sour sweets are a line that you know will be well received.

          Giant Skittles

          Make a big impression with Giant Skittles. These super-sized candies offer a unique and playful twist on the classic Skittles experience. Give Skittles fans their fix with these larger-than-life treats, available in a range of packs and flavours, these jumbo Skittles are sure to make an impact.

          Skittles Chewies

          Sweet lovers love to sink their teeth into the chewy goodness of Skittles Chewies. These delightful candies provide a satisfyingly chewy texture alongside a burst of fruity flavours. Taking the classic Skittles flavours and adding a lovely soft texture, these are a great addition for sweet lovers of all ages.

          Skittles Clouds

          Elevate your customers' taste experience with Skittles Squishy Cloudz. These light and airy candies offer a unique and delicious sensation that will leave them craving more. Wholesale buyers rejoice as you can stock up on Skittles Squishy Cloudz in both fruity and sour flavours here at Hancocks.

          Are Skittles Vegan?

          Catering to vegan customers? Skittles is here to delight them! At Hancocks, we offer wholesale vegan Skittles, so you can confidently meet the demands of this ever-growing market segment. Our bulk buying options ensure that you can keep your shelves filled with these vegan-friendly treats. Free-from varieties include regular Fruit, Sour, Wild Berry and Desserts.

          Bulk Buy Skittles at Hancocks

          When it comes to purchasing wholesale Skittles, Hancocks is the go-to supplier. Stocking up on Skittles has never been easier, thanks to our broad range and wholesale stock. Maximize your savings while satisfying your customers' cravings and keeping stocked up on all their favourite lines. As with all of our wholesale sweets, shop online for bulk Skittles stock and enjoy our UK delivery which allows you to focus on running your business. If you have any questions, simply contact us and we will gladly help you out.