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Vegetarian Sweets

From jelly sweets to chocolate bars and lollipops, there is no reason for vegetarians to miss out on the most popular treats. Shop bulk vegetarian sweets and chocolate today.


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          What Sweets Are Suitable For Vegetarians?

          Vegetarian diets are very popular nowadays – and you’ll be glad to hear that there is a wide and mouth-watering. Notably, while all veggie sweets are gelatine-free, not all gelatine-free sweets are vegetarian. The same goes for vegan sweets – they’re all suitable for veggies, but not vice versa. There is a wide range of options available, so even with this distinction in mind, there is a myriad of options that you can stock up on when making your range of veggie sweets.  

          Vegetarian Jelly Sweets

          Jelly sweets are a favourite with people of all ages, and with Hancocks' very own Kingsway leading the way in vegetarian pick n mix sweets, nobody is missing out! From shopper favourites like Bubblegum Bottles and Sour Dummies to classics like bon bons of all flavours, they really do have something for everyone. Dive into the playful variety of Crazy Candy Factory to ensure a delightful selection that resonates with younger shoppers in particular. Specialists in inventive novelty treats, their range includes Super Sour Spray candies, mini gumball machines and many more thrilling picks.  

          Vegetarian Chocolate

          Indulge in rich, creamy chocolates that are guilt-free and delicious. From smooth to crunchy, our selection promises diversity without compromising on ethics. Chocolate may well be the easiest confectionery to source for vegetarians, as most chocolate you come across is suitable. So, you can stock Cadbury favourites, much of the Mars family, Ferrero Rocher and so many more favourites that can be enjoyed worry-free by vegetarians.  

          Vegetarian Lollipops

          Who said lollipops are just for kids? Unearth a universe of lollipops that cater to the hearts of vegetarians, ensuring a nostalgic yet contemporary experience. With novelty options and traditional favourites from beloved brands, you’ll find something for everyone within our mouth-watering range.  

          Bon Bons

          Soft, chewy, and full of flavour - bon bons are the epitome of comfort confectionery. Jump into our amazing selection and give your customers the pleasure of delightful veggie bon bons, with a selection of fanciful flavours that caters to all tastes.  

          Popular Vegetarian Sweet Brands

          The vegetarian sweets market is booming with moreish flavours and iconic treats from the biggest sweets brands. Candy Kittens, although a dedicated vegan brand, is a superstar in the vegetarian scene, offering gourmet delights that are a treat to the senses. Other crowd favourites include Swizzels, known for their iconic Love Hearts; Chewits, the chewy sensation; and the ever-popular Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles, bursting with fruity goodness, that has been mesmerising taste buds for generations.  

          Wholesale Vegetarian Sweets at Hancocks

          Your customers deserve the best, and with Hancocks, that’s exactly what you get. Our six-decade legacy isn’t simply about providing confectionery; it's about partnering with businesses to ensure they thrive in serving their customer bases. Experience effortless online shopping, reliable UK delivery, and an array of veggie sweets that promise a happy customer base - and an even happier bottom line! Questions? Our dedicated team is always on standby. Simply contact us and make the most of our expertise and unrivalled offering.