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          Wholesale Price-Marked Sweets

          If you're a retailer who focuses on selling a range of price-marked sweets, or if you like having a tasty selection of pocket money sweets by the till then you'll simply love our mouth-watering range of bargain goodies! Not only will you be appealing to a wide variety of consumers, but you'll also be enjoying higher margins. What could be better than that?

          Price-marked lines are extremely popular with consumers looking to bag a bargain on branded sweets. You can find all sorts of confectionery favourites at Hancocks such as Haribo, Cadbury and many more.

          Toxic waste tubs, these tongue-tingling treats remain a popular choice. Nougat is a chewy classic, adored by all. Mint imperials are essential for long car journeys. Bubblegum bottles offer a bubbly twist on the classic cola bottle. Not only are price-marked lines all the rage with consumers, but they are also the perfect way to help retailers and convenience stores compete with big chain supermarkets. The fact that they promote their value is reassuring to price-conscious adults and is great for the younger population looking to find their favourite sweets.

          If your convenience store is in a rural area then price-marked lines are bound to do well, as people might rely on you as a one-stop shop for affordable goodies. If you're ready to boost your profits whilst catering for all your customers and providing them with great value for money, browse the price-marked range online and make the most of our efficient and reliable delivery options, or simply visit your nearest wholesale store. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us!