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Sugar Free Sweets, Drinks & Chewing Gum

Whether you’re looking to provide sugar-free sweets for diabetics, or delicious drinks with less sugar, shop the best sugar-free sweets, drinks and gum right here!


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          Sugar-free Sweets

          At Hancocks, we understand that catering to diverse consumer needs is key to your success. That's why we proudly present such an extensive range of sugar-free sweets, including sugar-free jelly sweets, hard-boiled treats, lollipops and mints, there’s a perfect addition for your shelves here. By offering these delicious treats, you're not just meeting the demands of those who avoid sugar; you're showing your commitment to providing options for all your valued customers.  

          Sugar-free Boiled Sweets

          Indulgence doesn't have to come at the cost of health. Our range of sugar-free boiled sweets boasts many of the same flavours as the traditional options. With options from specialist brands such as DobsonsBarnetts and Bonds, there are ideal choices for customers watching their sugar intake. With a plethora of traditional tastes and exciting new twists, these guilt-free delights are sure to satisfy even the most discerning sweet tooth of any age. 

          Sugar-free Lollies

          Lollies are synonymous with joy and happiness, and you can bring that joy to everyone with amazingly tasty sugar-free lollipops! Our range of sugar-free lollies offers a rainbow of flavours and shapes, ensuring that your customers can relish the fun without compromising on their dietary choices. Elevate your offerings with lollies that cater to diverse preferences from Dobsons, Vimto and Chupa Chups.  

          Sugar-free Mints & Chewing Gum

          Fresh breath and a burst of flavour can be enjoyed without the sugar. Sugar-free mints and chewing gum offer all of the freshness anyone could ask for, just with options from the biggest brands such as PolosWrigley’s, and Airwaves. Whether it's the invigorating taste of mints or the satisfying chewiness of gum, these sugar-free chewing gum and mint products are designed to provide the same experience, just with a sugar-free recipe. So for shoppers who are diabetic or simply watching their sugar, these are perfect. 

          Sugar-free Drinks

          Thirst-quenching satisfaction meets healthy choices in our sugar-free drinks selection. With zero-sugar drinks and sugar-free fizzy drinks, you're providing refreshment that appeals to a wider consumer base. These beverages are not only free from added sugars but also brimming with flavour. Take Pepsi Max for example, it is just as popular as the full-sugar version! We also stock cans and bottles of Diet Coke, amazing varieties of Candy Can drinks, Big Time cups and numerous flavours of Zodiac Mini Pops bottles. All available to buy online and click and collect, you can build a breath-taking sugar-free drinks range right here. 

          Wholesale Sugar-free Sweets & Drinks

          When it comes to bulk confectionery, Hancocks has over six decades of industry expertise. Our commitment to curating the most diverse range of confectionery ensures that your business can thrive by offering products that appeal to all demographics. With our unwavering dedication to continuously adding new lines, you can confidently stock your shelves with the latest and most sought-after sugar-free sweets and drinks, catering to evolving consumer preferences.

          At Hancocks, we recognise that your success is tied to meeting the unique needs of your customers. With our sugar-free candy and drinks, you're not just offering products – you're providing a delicious solution for those seeking healthier alternatives. So whether you are looking to provide sugar-free sweets for diabetics or a lower-calorie drink option, shop with us. Shop online with us and enjoy UK delivery plus the option of click and collect from your nearest cash and carry. If you have any queries about any of our stock or services, simply contact us and we will gladly share our expertise.