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With an iconic taste that is adored all over the globe, wholesale Coca-Cola is a fantastic addition whatever the occasion! Everyone has their favourite, whether it’s Diet Coke, sugar-free Coca-Cola Zero or the Original Taste – and you can stock up on them all right here!


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          Coca-Cola Drinks

          Not just the original, but the go-to drink of so many, Coca-Cola is one of the most famous brands on the planet. You can trace the roots of the first Coca-Cola recipe all the way back to 1886 when Atlanta pharmacist John Pemberton got customers in a pharmacy to try his newest drink! Obviously, they all loved it and since then the fizzy and refreshing favourite has grown exponentially and is loved by people of all ages, all over the world! Today there are numerous versions of Coca-Cola, aka Coke, available with new ones coming all the time. As popular as it has ever been, stocking cans or bottles of the beloved drink will provide a refreshing option for shoppers looking to buy Coca-Cola.

          Original Taste Coca-Cola

          The original and for many, the best, Original Taste Coca-Cola is the foundation upon which the entire empire has been built. Flavoured with its own unique caramel, caffeine and a touch of acidic tartness, the unique flavour profile is unlike anything else. So, when you feel for a Coke, nothing else will do! Here at Hancocks, you’ll find Coca-Cola Original Taste 330ml cans and Coca-Cola Original Taste Bottles 500ml, so you can offer Coke fans the most convenient and easiest options. The most iconic product in the entire range, Original Taste is a great Coca-Cola bulk buy.

          Coca-Cola Zero

          Launched in America in 2005, Coca-Cola Zero offered a low-calorie, sugar-free alternative to the original Coca-Cola. Known as Coca-Cola Zero Sugar since 2017, this came with an updated recipe that tastes even more like the original! There has been a trend among consumers as they continue to move to sugar-free drinks and snacks, with Coke Zero playing a huge role in this. Whether it is part of a food-to-go offer or simply offering a delicious drink that contains zero calories, the Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Bottles are a wonderful and appealing option for any retailer.

          Diet Coke

          Since arriving in Britain in 1983, sugar-free Diet Coke has offered a low-calorie treat for those avoiding sugar. Truly embracing the role of a ‘lite soda’, Diet Coke has a slightly softer taste as it utilises a softer blend of the iconic flavour, offering an all-round lighter Coca-Cola experience. Enabling you to offer it to shoppers both on the go or from a can, you can find Diet Coke Cans 330ml or Diet Coke Bottles in bulk here at Hancocks.

          Coca-Cola Cherry

          The first ever flavoured Coca-Cola variant, people have been in love with Cherry Coke ever since it was launched in 1985. Infusing that great Coke taste with the rich sweetness of cherries it is no surprise! Whether sold in 330ml cans or 500ml bottles, the delicious blend of flavours is still a hit today. Adding it to your range of Coke cans and bottles is a great way to spice up your offering and provide something a little different.

          Wholesale Coca-Cola

          When it comes to buying wholesale Coca-Cola, we have got you covered here at Hancocks. With the most popular varieties that shoppers will look for and be tempted by, there are endless reasons to bulk buy Coca-Cola. From the original to the sugar-free and flavoured options, you can offer something for everyone.

          All of our Coca-Cola wholesale lines are available to buy in bulk online and with our Click & Collect service. If you have any questions about our Coca-Cola stock, as well as any of our other drinks or wholesale sweets and chocolate, simply contact us and we’ll happily help you out.