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Gelatine-Free Sweets

Often suitable for a range of dietary requirements, gelatine-free sweets are a great addition to any store. Shop the biggest brands and most popular lines today.


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          What Does Gelatine-free Mean?

          When we say gelatine-free, we're talking about confectionery that’s made without gelatine. It’s a substance derived from animal collagen and is often used in jelly and gummy sweets. For this reason, it is an ingredient that’s avoided in the production of vegetarian sweets and vegan sweets, whilst only certain types can be used in halal sweets, too. By offering sweets without gelatine, you're acknowledging and respecting the dietary and ethical concerns of a vast array of consumers. 

          What Sweets are Gelatine-free?

          The confectionery world has embraced all dietary choices and allows everyone to celebrate and indulge in the sheer joy of sweet treats. From gelatin-free gummies and jelly sweets to lollipops and even marshmallows, there's something sweet and gelatine-free for every palate. Notably, there are options to cater to a wide audience, ensuring those with vegetarian and vegan dietary choices aren't left out of the joy of their favourite indulgence. 

          Popular Gelatine-free Sweet Brands

          In the spotlight for their outstanding gelatine-free options, Kingsway and BUBS are leading the charge with their vegan pick n mix selections, allowing everyone to relive the nostalgic sweet shop moments. Meanwhile, Candy Kittens are known for their vegan gourmet gummies that are perfect for gummy aficionados without the inclusion of gelatine. Long-standing favourites such as Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles have long been a vegan and gelatine-free icon. And for those who fancy a touch of American sweetness, brands like Red Vines and Tootsie have created gelatine-free candy that is impossible to resist. 

          Gelatine-free Chocolate

          Chocolate's charm is undeniable, and anyone who is looking to avoid gelatine will be glad to hear that chocolate does not include gelatine. Today, some crazy and inventive chocolate bars may include gelatine, but this comes only with the addition of another element that includes it – such as jelly sweets. So gelatine-free chocoholics can relax, it is uncommon that a chocolate bar will not be gelatine-free. As with every other product on this page, any chocolate you see here is categorically gelatine-free. 

          Gelatine-free Sweets at Hancocks

          At Hancocks, our pulse is on the candy industry's heartbeat. We pride ourselves on our dynamic offering, ensuring that our expansive range is up-to-date with the latest and most popular gelatine-free candy options. From stocking the aforementioned brands to scouting out emerging highlights, Hancocks is a treasure trove of gelatine-free delights.

          As with all of our stock, the wholesale sweets and chocolate on this page are available to bulk buy. With our UK delivery options and broad selection, Hancocks is the easiest way to stock up on whatever confectionery it is your business needs. If you have any questions about any of our stock, simply contact us and we will gladly share our expertise.