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Retro Pick n Mix Sweets

From Bon Bons to Jelly Babies and countless other timeless favourites, retro sweets are key to any offering of pick n mix sweets. Browse our range of beloved sweets that have stood the test of time and buy all-time traditional sweets in bulk today.


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          Retro & Old-Fashioned Sweets

          Given our experience in the confectionery industry, we know that retro and traditional sweets have remained some of the most popular choices, with the delicious nostalgia proving a hit with customers time and time again. From classic and old-school sweets to all-time favourites, our range has perfect additions for your range of pick n mix sweets. We work hard to make sure that our stock of retro sweets allows you to provide the best selection for your customers. 

          Types of Retro Sweets

          The range of retro sweets is huge. From white chocolate mice to Turkish Delight and everything in between, there are traditional sweets for everyone. Here at Hancocks, we have a huge selection of nostalgic favourites and old sweets that are all available in bulk.  

          Boiled Sweets

          Probably the most classic type of British traditional sweets! These old sweets are hardboiled and perfect for sucking on to best enjoy the delicious flavours. From Kingsway Strawberry Twist Kisses to Rosey Apples and so many more, we have the best selection of retro boiled sweets that anyone would be excited to see on the pick n mix stand. Our range of boiled sweets offers a wide range of nostalgic sweets that are ideal for any store.   

          Gummy Sweets

          Many of the most popular retro sweets around are gummy sweets, and it has been that way for some time! Brands like Haribo, Kingsway and Barratt have long been making delicious treats that everyone loves sinking their teeth into! Some might prefer Haribo Heart Throbs, others Barratt Jelly Babies, or any of the many other fantastic chewy retro sweets, but you can guarantee that there will be a few in every pick n mix bag! No matter which you choose to stock, these traditional sweets are a must-have for any pick n mix selection. Our full range of jelly sweets offers a wide selection of delicious old-school sweets as well as the newest gummy sweets on the market.  

          Bon Bons

          With their chewy texture and vibrant flavours, everyone has a favourite bonbon, and they are hugely popular vintage sweets! Here at Hancocks, we stock a wide range of bon bons, so you can cater to everyone’s tastes! With countless fruity versions, as well as the classic toffee, many of our bon bon lines are vegetarian-friendly and come in bulk bags that are perfect for replenishing stock in a busy store. 

          Novelty Sweets

          These retro sweets are a great addition to any sweet shop’s line. Adding that nostalgic feeling, our range of novelty sweets includes lines like long-loved cola bottles, bear-shaped chewy sweets plus many more retro and fun designs. With a variety of shapes and flavours, these lively retro sweets will offer an added element of fun to your range of pick and mix sweets.  

          Old-School Chocolate Pick n Mix

          Great for ALL confectionery collections, pick and mix chocolate is a treat as old as time! Iconic pick n mix like chocolate Jazzies or Snowies, chewing nuts, chocolate balls and so many more chocolatey options. Adding these vintage sweets to your range is the perfect way to pair the world of sweets and chocolate and give shoppers even more choices when they pick a mix. 

          Mints & Medicated

          They may not be to everybody’s taste, but mints and particularly medicated treats are nostalgic retro sweets which still have their place in sweetshops today. Medicated treats in particular, haven’t changed much over the years, but when it is purely about the flavour, adding anything more would dilute the warming pleasure they give! We have traditional sweets including minty options, including the truly iconic Mint Imperials, Taveners Mint Humbugs and so many more. And for those who love a herbal sweet, there’s the Royale Army & Navy and Westheads Cough Candy to name but a few. 

          Retro Sweets Wholesale

          Whatever the retro sweet that you are searching for, we have brilliant bulk buy options that will put a smile on every customer’s face! Shop from a range of popular old-fashioned sweets and all-time vintage sweet favourites at Hancocks. If you have any questions about the sweets in our pick n mix range – not just these nostalgic numbers – feel free to contact our team and they will help you out.