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No Artificial Colours & Flavours

All of the joy of sweets and chocolate, just without added flavours or colours, shop the best NAFNAC confectionery right here.


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          What Does NAFNAC Mean?

          NAFNAC isn't just a catchy name; it's a commitment. Standing for 'No Added Flavours, No Added Colours', when shoppers see NAFNAC they know they are getting the finest confectionery, made without unnecessary additives. In an age where shoppers are more discerning about their choices, NAFNAC is the assurance many have been seeking in their candy and chocolate. Great treats made with natural and quality ingredients – who wouldn’t be happy with that?!

          Wholesale NAFNAC Confectionery

          Every shop, café, or bakery aims to satisfy the diverse tastes of its customers, but what if you could do that and also guarantee the quality and transparency of the sweets you offer? With a range of NAFNAC confectionery, this isn't just possible – it’s easy. From pick n mix to sweet shop favourites and chocolate, there are countless favourites and big brands with which to build your NAFNAC range available here at Hancocks. 

          No Artificial Flavours or Colours in Sweets

          Candy without artificial colours? Yes, please! Say goodbye to synthetic colourings and flavours and hello to the vibrant, naturally achieved shades and tastes of NAFNAC sweets. Our range includes popular pick n mix sweets from brands like Kingsway and Barratt, meaning that your pick and mix stand can easily benefit from some NAFNAC goodness. From Cola Bottles and Jelly Snakes to Foam Shrimps and Jelly Babies, your range will be as popular as ever. You’ll also find beloved countlines, liquorice and a wonderful selection of additive-free sweets.  

          No Artificial Flavours or Colours in Chocolate

          Chocolate is loved by pretty much everyone, isn’t it? When made without any artificial additives to alter the taste or colour, chocolate is for the purists. By eliminating the additives, what you're left with is the unadulterated taste of rich cocoa, mixed with the genuine flavours of any added ingredients, like nuts or fruit. Convenience stores, chocolatiers, and every retailer in between: here's your chance to offer chocolate that resonates with the growing number of consumers looking for 'clean' and additive-free products. Line your shelves with chocolate coinsKinder chocolate and many other chocolatey favourites.