Pick 'n' Mix

The largest range of pick and mix sweets available in any UK cash and carry. Old fashioned and traditional favourites includingHaribo giant strawbs Rosy Apples, Liquorice Allsorts and Chocolate Eclairs nestle amongst more recent delights such as Fizzy Bubblegum Balls, Jelly Spiders and Foam Bananas. There is ample choice for every age and every taste – many hundreds of varieties lining shelf after shelf.

sweetsLots of pick and mix brands will be found down the pick and mix aisle, including Haribo, Walkers Nonsuch, Swizzels and Taveners. Hancocks also sells a vast selection under its Kingsway brand which has become known for quality and value over many generations.

To help you with your display, Hancocks can provide a bespoke designed pick and mix stand, which can be bought direct from this website and at any cash and carry. Click here for more information.

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