HersheysThe largest chocolate manufacturer in North America, Hershey’s is a confectionery icon. Worldwide demand for Hershey’s products is growing exponentially, particularly here in the UK.

The company began its epic story in 1894 when founder Milton S. Hershey became the first American to manufacture milk chocolate that was both affordable and great-tasting. He used a special and unique formula called the “Hershey process”, which became an instant hit. Despite being one of the oldest chocolate companies in North America, today Hershey’s is a world leader in chocolate, its confectionery products bringing mouth-watering deliciousness to over 90 countries.

Increasingly sweet stockists in the UK are finding Hershey’s to be a winning brand to have on their shelves, and demand is growing fast. Hershey’s offers consumers a huge array of confectionery options: bars, tablets, pouches and, of course, the iconic Hershey’s Kisses. Its range has now expanded to include syrups, fudge, spreads and baking ingredients.

One of the most recent additions to the Hershey’s range is Cookies N Crème. Available in bars, tablets, drops and kisses, this massively popular flavour has taken the chocolate market by storm, with sweet-toothed consumers rapidly pushing it up the chocolate charts. Already it’s broken into the top 10 biggest and bestselling chocolate bars in the world. Cookies N Crème has become a popular trend that all sweet stores and confectionery retailers in the UK ought to be taking advantage of.   

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