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Chupa Chups Lollies

The most recognisable lollipop brand in the world, there is simply nothing like enjoying Chupa Chups lollipops! With more flavours than ever, Chupa Chups also offer bubble gum and chewy sweets as well as their iconic lollies. Browse our bulk stock today and build a range that is bursting with mouth-watering flavours!


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          History of Chupa Chups

          Founded by Spanish confectioner Enric Bernat way back in 1958, Chupa Chups were the world's first lollipop and have since been to space! The brand grew rapidly and over the years there have been endless flavours added. Currently, the company make more than 100 flavours of their classic lollies! A true household name, you'll find a great selection of Chupa Chups wholesale lines here at Hancocks, including iconic lollipops as well as delicious sweets!

          Popular Chupa Chups

          It will come as no surprise that a brand as revered as Chupa Chups has dozens of sought-after lines. From convenience stores to super stores, all shoppers take note when they see the iconic Chupa Chups logo (that was designed by Salvador Dali, no less!). Obviously, their inimitable lollipops are a must-have for all retailers, whilst their range of mouth-watering chewy sweets are an appealing option for any shelf.


          What they are most known for, Chupa Chups lollipops are a staple for any store! From bulk bags that offer fantastic POR to the nostalgic Chupa Chups Wheel Best of Lollipops, every store will find the lollies they need here at Hancocks. The Chupa Chups Melody Pops are a fun treat for little sweet lovers. In a delightful strawberry flavour, these musical lollies are fantastic pocket money sweets. You'll also find various versions of Chupa Chups Mini Lollipops, bulk bags of Fruit and Sour flavour mixes, as well as Candy Dips Lollipops and Chupa Chups Fr-Ooze Pops. So, whether you are looking for traditional lollipops or a contemporary twist, Chupa Chups has something that shoppers will love.

          Chupa Chups Sweets

          Making the most of their extensive flavour catalogue, Chupa Chups sweets taste every bit as good as their lollies! With chewy sweets, bubble gum treats and the power of sour, there's something for everyone. Coming in both Cola and Cherry flavours, the Chupa Chups Stix are candy-wrapped fondant lengths that taste just as amazing as you'd expect. For the ultimately chewy enjoyment of the Chupa Chups flavours, the Chupa Chups Incredible Chews Soft Candy are properly delicious. Available in Cola, Apple and Orange flavours, there's something to please everyone's tastebuds. Even though they look like their signature lollies, the Chupa Chups XXL Bubblegum Filled Lollipops are a great option in store. A perfect treat for bubble gum lovers, these are a wonderful novelty option to have on any shelves. Adding some bulk Chupa Chups sweets to your store will simply offer another option that intrigues shoppers!

          Chupa Chups Drinks

          As with their lollipops and sweets, the Chupa Chups drinks utilise their wonderful range of irresistible flavours. In bulk cases of 24 cans, the Chupa Chups sparkling cans are a great refreshment for anyone with a sweet tooth. Among the flavours on offer, there are Orange, Strawberry Cream, Grape and Melon Cream, meaning you can easily create an exciting range that will surely turn heads!

          Wholesale Chupa Chups

          Shopping for Chupa Chups lollies wholesale is the best way to stock up on the lines that shoppers want! Fill your shelves with the fun and flavour of all Chupa Chups bulk lines today. Here at Hancocks, you'll find iconic Chupa Chups lollipops in a wide range of mixes and flavours as well as their enticing selection of sweets we're Chupa Chups drink wholesalers, too. All Chupa Chups lollies and sweets are available with a range of delivery options, plus you can click and collect from the nearest of our 14 depots across the country.

          The same goes for our range of bulk pick n mix, wholesale chocolate, American candy and every other delicious confection you'll find here. If you have any questions about any of our stock, delivery options or anything at all, simply contact us and we'll happily help however we can.