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Wholesale Halal Sweets & Chocolates

Perfect for Ramadan and Eid, our range of halal confectionery contains delicious halal sweets, drinks and snacks to help your shoppers celebrate. With big brands and popular lines, bulk buy halal sweets and stock up today.


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          What are Halal Sweets?

          Halal sweets are confectionery treats that adhere to strict dietary guidelines, making them suitable for Muslims who only eat halal foods. The requirement for halal foods is not the same as vegan or vegetarian, as halal foods may include meat. Certain things like alcohol cannot be included, whilst animal bi-products are allowed – providing that they have been handled and prepared in a halal manner.

          At Hancocks, we understand the significance of offering diverse options to cater to a wide range of preferences and needs. That is why our collection of wholesale halal sweets is not only delicious but thoughtfully curated to ensure inclusivity without compromising on taste!

          Wholesale Halal Sweet Brands

          Stocking your shelves with wholesale halal sweets brands is great practice all year round. It is especially important, however, to provide halal sweets for Ramadan and Eid. Sweetzone is a hugely popular brand that only makes the tastiest halal sweets. Their pick n mix favourites include Sour Suckers, Twin Cherries and many more jelly and chewy halal candy options. The brand’s entire range is free from haram ingredients, making it the go-to for the Muslim market – learn more about them here.

          For more chew and jelly halal sweets, Crazy Candy Factory has their iconic Pizza Slices and halal pick n mix tubs that are perfect for diversifying your pick and mix offering. Other renowned brands include Dobsons and their Mega Lollies, whilst Zed Candy’s Jawbreakers are also a halal hit.

          Bulk Halal Sweets

          Our selected range includes popular halal sweet brands, pick and mix halal sweet tubs, sour and jelly halal sweets, hard sweets and much more besides. There’s a novelty with the Bip Candy Gummy Doughnuts and the hugely popular Screamers Big Lick rollers, too. Even our own brands have plenty of halal options, with numerous Kingsway pick n mix sweets suitable for halal diets. Whether you’re stocking up for your store, an event or a business, our choice of halal sweets includes the perfect choice to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

          Halal Chocolate

          Within our halal range, we not only stock sweets but bulk halal chocolate, too. Chocolate may be vegetarian for the most part, however, it must still go through a proper assessment to be certified as halal. At Hancocks, of course, our range includes halal-certified chocolate, meaning that all of your customers can enjoy any treat whenever they like.

          Our assortment includes the irresistible Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Creme Flat White and Salted Caramel chocolate bars. With these mouth-watering bars, you enable your customers to enjoy high-quality halal chocolate that will surely put a smile on their faces.

          Wholesale Halal Confectionery & Drinks

          Stock up on everything you need, even beyond halal sweets and chocolate, with halal snacks and drinks – also available in bulk here at Hancocks. This adds yet more diversity to your range and helps cater to a wider audience, with stock ranging from halal fudge to bubblegum like the Zed Candy Splosh Gumballs and truly unique lines like Oor Wullie’s Iron Bru Chew Bars. You can even offer nutritious drinks with the hugely popular Mogu Mogu range, fruity juices enhanced by coconut gel.

          Buy Halal Sweets Wholesale at Hancocks

          Here at Hancocks, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range that helps you to cater to diverse tastes and dietary requirements. With over six decades of experience, we have established ourselves as a trusted source of bulk halal sweets and confectionery solutions. Our dedication to our customers means that we always work to expand our offerings, ensuring that we provide the latest and most exciting stock alongside beloved classics.

          That’s why you can find such a range of wholesale halal sweets, chocolate, snacks, and drinks right here. We’re committed to making high-quality halal confectionery accessible, ensuring that you can delight your customers while catering to their dietary preferences. If you have any questions at all, simply contact us and we will gladly share our expertise.