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Galaxy Chocolate

With their famously smooth recipe, Galaxy chocolate has won over generations of chocolate lovers. Their range is full of delicious bars, share bags and gift boxes including a variety of indulgent flavours that chocoholics simply cant resist. Buy bulk Galaxy online right here!


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          About Galaxy Chocolate

          Formed in 1960, Galaxy chocolate was born into a Britain that was finally freed from rationing. Their finely milled chocolate was intended to empower women with a silky-smooth chocolate bar that was refined and, above all, supremely enjoyable!

          It is Mars who owns Galaxy chocolate nowadays, but their chocolate is still made as smoothly as ever. It is also made in conjunction with Rainforest Alliance Certified farms and supports various educational and environmental initiatives. Over the years, the breadth of Galaxy chocolate has grown to include a selection of indulgent chocolate bars, treats and gift boxes that everyone adores.

          Galaxy Chocolate Bars

          From the modern iteration of the classic to exciting bars with tasty inclusions, it is safe to say that there is a Galaxy chocolate bar for everyone. All showcasing Galaxy's signature silky smooth milk chocolate, there is a bar of pure pleasure for any chocolate lover. The Galaxy Smooth Caramel Chocolate Bar offers a rich and creamy centre, whilst the Galaxy Cookie Crumble adds a distinguished crunch. Adding a refreshing, zesty edge, the Galaxy Smooth Orange Chocolate Bar offers a sophisticated treat. Sticking to the basics, pure chocolate bliss can still be found in the Galaxy Smooth Milk Chocolate Bar. Not only this, but it is also on offer in the form of the Galaxy Ripple! The sumptuously smooth milk chocolate becomes even more delicate when it is gently folded into a silky, airy bar. All of these incredible Galaxy chocolate bars are available here at Hancocks, in bulk and to order online, so you can add them to your shelves with ease.

          Galaxy Minstrels

          Adding a glazed sugar shell to a button of Galaxy's irresistible milk chocolate provides a delicious treat that will famously melt in your mouth and not your hands! These moreish little treats, under one name or another, have been around for over fifty years which proves just how much chocoholics of all ages love them! Here at Hancocks, we have a variety of pack sizes ranging from 42 and 80g treat pouches to 125g share bags because Galaxy Minstrels really are a pleasure worth sharing.

          Galaxy Chocolate Boxes, Bags and Gifts

          Famed for the smoothness of their milk chocolate, Galaxy treats make wonderful snacks and jaw-dropping gifts. Whether it's for a loved one's birthday, Mother's and Valentine's Day or just because, bags and boxes of Galaxy's beloved chocolate always hit the spot. The smoothness of Galaxy chocolate not only captures the hearts of female chocoholics but those of men, too! So whether you add Galaxy Counters Chocolate Pouches to your shelves, or Milk Chocolate or Assorted Galaxy Truffles Gift Boxes, you can rest assured that everyone will see them, and everyone will want them. You'll find all the Galaxy chocolate boxes and Galaxy chocolate gifts your customers are looking for both in bulk and online.

          Bulk Buy Galaxy Chocolate at Hancocks

          From their origins as an empowering treat for women, to chocolate adored by all people of all ages, Galaxy is a much revered and desired brand in the UK. No matter the size of your chocolate offering, if you bulk buy Galaxy chocolate, it will be a popular addition to your chocolate range!

          To ensure that you not only have the range to entice shoppers, but the stock to cater to demand, shop online with Hancocks as your Galaxy chocolate wholesaler and get all you need delivered in bulk. If you have any questions about our sumptuous range of Galaxy chocolate bars, bags and gift boxes, simply contact us and we'll help out however we can.