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Confectionery goes hand in hand with soft drinks, which is why at Hancocks, the UK’s leading confectionery supplier, you’ll discover an entire range of wholesale drinks from top name brands, available in a variety of different formats: cans, bottles and even cartons.

Each format comes with its own benefits, although we recommend our busy retailers to stock up on a wide variety of drinks, in order to appeal to a larger customer audience. For example, cans are perfect if you want to sell chilled fizzy drinks and they’re convenient not only for shoppers, but for retailers as well. They also makes for great impulse buys, as customers who might be on a shopping spree, tend to become thirsty and enjoying a chilled can of soft drinks becomes a well-deserved treat.

Bottles are another extremely popular format, which are appreciated especially for the added benefit of being recloseable which means that your customers can enjoy their drink for a longer period of time. Also, whilst cans are great as impulse purchases, soft drinks bottles have a higher RRP, which makes them an excellent way of boosting sales and achieving higher margins.

Last, but not least, cartons are the perfect format if you’re targeting children and parents. We offer all these sorts of formats that accompany a large variety of well-known soft drinks including, but not limited to:

  • Coca Cola
  • Dr Pepper
  • 7 Up
  • Pepsi
  • Ribena
  • Lucozade

Our excellent range of soft drinks can help you achieve higher margins and reach a larger audience. Whether you’re a retailer or a cinema, bar or pub owners, soft drinks are a must-have for your stock.

You can order wholesale drinks from us online or by visiting one of our 20 cash and carries spread across the UK. Please note that online deliveries will arrive on a pallet and the minimum order is 30 assorted cases from our entire wholesale drinks category.


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  • Reeds Virgil Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer 340ml

    Reeds Virgil Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer 340ml

    £19.20 excl. VAT £23.04 incl. VAT
    Code 302523
  • Gatorade Fierce Grape 591ml

    Gatorade Fierce Grape 591ml

    £17.50 excl. VAT £21.00 incl. VAT
    Code 303059

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2 Item(s)